Hi Guys,

my first trip into the city!

my first trip into the city!

Happy Sunday! Today is my first milestone post! It’s a small one for sure, but it is still a pretty exciting day if you ask me! Today is my one-week anniversary (I told you it was small) both for working on this blog and also for my new adventurous life in Oak Park. One week ago Matt and I watched my parents drive away, leaving us on our own in the great big world. Talk about bravery on both sides of this situation! Matt and I for not running after the truck begging to be a child again (not going to lie… I strongly contemplated this option), and on mom and dad’s side for trusting us to not burn down the apartment building. Like I said, we’re starting small and working our way up from there. Since then things have progressed pretty rapidly.Continue reading

Hey Everyone!

erik's deli!  a delicious spot for a great meal

erik’s deli! a delicious spot for a great meal

Lots of posts today, but this is the last one! I pinky promise! Today, Saucy Saturday, I want to offer up a review for one of the first restaurants we have eaten at in Oak Park and the source of yesterday’s French Fried Friday, Erik’s Deli! We stumbled across this restaurant while driving down Oak Park Ave looking for place to eat a last meal with my parents on Sunday. It looked like a great option from the street, so we parked our car (for free, damn do I love parking on the weekend) and walked in to be treated to a restaurant with a great atmosphere and fantastic food. The atmosphere at Erik’s is pretty casual, with a collection of tables scattered around and a couple cozy booths for a bigger family. There is also a countertop running the length of the front window for some high top seating, allowing for the opportunity to watch the crowds walk by on the busy street. Although Oak Park Ave may seem a little rushed, Erik’s Deli is the exact opposite. The colors are warm and welcoming, and after walking in you are submerged into the casual hum of conversation from tables around you. The restaurant is set up so that you order your food at a cash wrap and then choose your seat, where your order is brought out when it is ready. There is a large menu on the wall next to the cash wrap that proudly displays the diverse food offered at the Deli. One glance at the large and varied menu enforce that you made a great choice to stop in!Continue reading



the delicious fruits of your labor!

Happy Saucy Saturday to all of my readers! Saturdays, as previously mentioned, are dedicated to a baking or cooking tutorial and a restaurant review that corresponds to my French Fried Friday post (the first of which went up today instead of yesterday, whoops). Today I am going to teach you a few tips and tricks that I utilize when baking one of my most common treats, brownies from a box! Many people who taste my brownies are surprised to learn that they come from a box, because they are much richer than any standard mix. This tutorial will teach you how to make a boxed brownie taste like a little slice of heaven on a plate. For anyone who needs to make a dessert in a quick pinch, these little recipe substitutions and additions are great to improve the quality of the bakery that you produce! The box that I am using for this tutorial is a Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix, but I have used a variety of mixes and always get fantastic results. In fact, I usually buy the least expensive box I can find to save a little money. Read on for the recipe and to check out some pictures from the baking process!Continue reading

Hey Guys,

see what jenna turns herself into below the jump photo cred: maxresdefault.com

see what jenna turns herself into below the jump
photo cred: maxresdefault.com

First of all, I wanted to take a second to thank EVERYONE who has read Days with Destiny so far! I have been working really hard this last week to get everything in working order, and it is really rewarding to see that there are people reading my entries and enjoying them! So thanks for being awesome and make sure to stick around for more good things to come in the future! Posting everything last night was the equivalent of Christmas morning for me. This last week has been a whirlwind, what with the move, getting settled, writing these posts, and researching how to get my blog up and running. I almost cannot believe that we left home for Oak Park a week ago. Hopefully now that we’re settled things will start to slow down a bit. That being said, today has been a busy day so far so maybe not (guess I’m just made for the fast life)! I got up before eight am for the second day in a row (this NEVER happens) to go to my first interview in the city at a local furniture store! The interview went pretty well, and on the way home I dropped off several more copies of my resume at a few stores in the downtown Oak Park area. Get excited world because if all things work out well I’ll be employed sometime in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed and check back in on Sunday for a more detailed blog about adventures in job land! For now, on to today’s actual post…Continue reading