I just wanted to take a second to wish a Happy Sweet Sixteen to Britney Spears’ DEBUT single, Baby One More Time, which debuted on September 30, 1998!  The song helped catapult the Holy Spearit to the levels of fame that she has achieved since then.  Britney recorded the song in Sweden with Max Martin, a pop producer who has worked with B-Girl on some of her best hits, and it is truly an iconic song and a pop culture staple!  On the track Britney implores for her lover to come back to her (her loneliness is KILLING her!), and really who could resist the siren’s summon?  Baby’s music video truly cemented the goddess in the world of pop music.  Who can forget the seductively innocent Britney strutting through a high school corridor dressed in her school girl skirt and baring her stomach.  Every element of the look is BEYOND ICONIC, from the fluffy pink pom-pom pigtails down to the Doc’s on her feet!  In honor of Baby’s Sweet Sixteen stream the iconic video above and check out some of Britney’s best performances of the hit through the years under the jump! Continue reading

design got you feelin like WOAH?!  don't worry!  check out this post and get you're creative juices flown!

design got you feelin like WOAH?! don’t worry! check out this post and get you’re creative juices flown!

Ever had an interior design project but had NO IDEA where to get started?  You are not alone!  Even professional designers sometimes struggle to come up with inspiration for a big project.  No one said that interior design was easy, and sometimes it seems downright impossible to come up with a good idea.  When that happens though, don’t worry!  There are so many ways to get your creative juices flowing!  Read on under the jump to learn what designers do when they need to get some inspiration to start a project!Continue reading

Hey Girl Hey and Happy Music Monday!  Every Monday I put together a playlist of some of my favorite songs to share with my readers!  Stream the music off my Spotify account (or on any other music streaming site), read my reviews of the songs, and let me know what you think!  Last week’s post was all about emerging trends in music (read it HERE), but this week’s post takes you on a musical journey!  Starting with a breathless love song this playlist makes the transition to end with a hot new rap track, so check it out and see how we get from point A to point B!  Read on under the jump for my reviews and let me know what you think about this week’s playlist!Continue reading

welcome to oak park shining star!

meeting my shining star in oak park!

Hello Everyone!  Today is Sunday, so it is time for my weekly adventure blog, and this week has been ten types of busy!  As I am sure most of you know by now, this was my first week of work, so it has been a busy week filled with a lot of adventures and new experiences.  It has also been filled with lots of blogging!  This week I talked about how to deal with stress (HERE), Britney Spears’ global adventures (HERE), a delicious recipe for Orange Chicken (HERE), and so many other exciting topics!  Make sure to check out my any other posts that you may have missed, because there were some good ones (if i do say so myself)!  Read on under the jump to hear all about my adventures in job land and my time exploring with the wondering Julia Nicole Munro, my Shining Star!Continue reading