piece by piece lyrics photo cred:  kellyclarkson.com

piece by piece lyrics
photo cred: kellyclarkson.com

Remember that time Kelly Clarkson released her lead single Heartbeat Song?  Well, I do, and it seems as though the new Kelly Clarkson era is officially upon us!  After releasing her new single Heartbeat Song, Kelly has taken to her Official Website to announce the official start of a NEW ERA with her new album, Piece By Piece.  All the basic pop princesses had better hold on to their weaves, because Kelly is coming for them with her new album out on March 3!  When she announced the release, Kelly also teased fans by releases sneak peeks at 9 tracks from the album, giving us access to a title as well as a few lyrics!  Check out her official press release then read on to check out EIGHT NEW KELLY CLARKSON tracks from Piece By Piece!

Hey guys,

My new album Piece by Piece is coming out in March and I wanted to give y’all a little sneak peek into it by sharing some of the lyrics from the songs. Each of these lyrics relates to an experience in my life, and I hope that some of these may trigger memories or reactions for y’all as well. If it does, I would love to hear about it and why that lyric connected with you. I’ll be checking in and reading your stories, and I might even reach out to you personally to hear more!

Can’t wait to hear from y’all!

Check out the Piece By Piece Lyrics under the jump!

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iisuperwomanii's parents reacting to fifty shades of grey trailer photo cred:  plus.google.com

iisuperwomanii’s parents reacting to fifty shades of grey trailer
photo cred: plus.google.com

Over the last few weeks it seems as though Fifty Shades of Grey is taking over Days with Destiny.  It all started when Ellie Goulding released Love Me Like You Do, her contribution to the film’s soundtrack, but then she had to go and release the accompanying music video, which was equally stunning!  THEN, the blond bobbed elusive chanteuse named Sia had to go and release Salted Wound, HER contribution.  How do these incredible releases NOT deserve the appropriate time in the light of day.  Since then I have been patiently waiting (which should be read pulling my hair out as I count down the moments) until Beyonce’s reworking of Crazy In Love makes it out in full.  That track is sexy and fire hot, and I CANNOT wait.  Until then, I’ll settle for iiSuperwomanii’s newest YouTube video and trade in some lusty desires for a desire for laughter as she has her parents reacting to the film’s kinky trailer.  Bring on the popcorn and the laughter, because iiSuperwomanii’s parents reacting to 50 Shades of Grey Trailer may be better than the actual movie.

iiSuperwomanii has shared important information regarding how to tell your parents bad news.  Have you seen it?  If not CLICK HERE!

In the video Lilly sits her parents down separately to have them watch the video.  Their expectations before the trailer begins are varied; Lilly’s mom, Paramjeet, imagines that the movie is an art film and Lilly’s dad, Manjeet, thinks that it will be about elephants.  Clearly they are unprepared.

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sia on ellen degeneres photo cred: queermeup.com

sia on ellen degeneres
photo cred: queermeup.com

Its been yet another busy week for the world famous, blond bob wearing, Chandelier swinging Sia.  Earlier this week she debuted her heart wrenching contribution to the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, Salted Wound.  Since then the elusive chanteuse took to Ellen Degeneres for another performance of Elastic Heart and to announce some important news about the upcoming Grammy Awards Show!

Earlier this month Sia took us to CHURCH when she performed Elastic Heart and Chandelier on SNL!

For this rendition of Elastic Heart, Sia again teamed up with Maddie Ziegler of Dance Mom fame, but she also enlisted the help of a few other blond bobbed bobble heads for the performance.  That’s right, Sia is now traveling with a full band of bobs now.  The performance took place in a white room, with Sia, Maddie, and her choir all encased in white boxes from the neck down.  Sia performed hidden amongst her choir, hiding her face behind longer than average bangs while the other Sia’s lip synched the lyrics as she sang.  Maddie was encased in her own white box for the performance; however, she was awarded a wider range of motion which enabled her to dance across the stage and conduct Sia’s “choir” through the impassioned performance.

Check out Sia on Ellen Degeneres below the jump AND get a little information about Sia’s involvement with the Grammys! 

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 behind the scenes of fourfiveseconds: rihanna, kanye west, and paul mccartney photo cred: rihannanow.com

behind the scenes of fourfiveseconds: rihanna, kanye west, and paul mccartney
photo cred: rihannanow.com

Rihanna done gone and did it again!  Navy Leader, Phucks-Free Diva Rihanna took to YouTube today, one week after dropping her new single FourFiveSeconds to share some behind the scenes moments from her upcoming music video!  Rihanna seemed at peace as she invited cameras onto the shoot, but she announced her excitement at sharing her new music with her fans while hinting at the official start of #R8.  That Rihanna Reign just won’t let up, and she is ready to take things to the next level!

Check out ALL the reasons I LOVE FourFiveSeconds as Rihanna’s Lead Single on Days with Destiny!

Ri-Ri revealed that Kanye was responsible for styling the music video, claiming that he was approached her requesting a “street denim All-American look.”  Rihanna showed off her tiny waist in a cinched Sean Jean vintage jacket that she described as “fking amazing.”  She slicked her hair back and kept her face fresh and free of makeup opting for a natural look which matches the feel of FourFiveSeconds.  Regarding the look Rihanna commented that “denim is classic and iconic, just like the fking Beatles.”  Surprised?  It wouldn’t be Rihanna without a little foul language.  The rest of the video showed scenes of Rihanna interacting with Kanye and Paul as they shot the video as well as a few solo moments emoting on camera.

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