did someone order up an ice princess? here i am cred: youtube.com

did someone order up an ice princess? here i am
cred: youtube.com

What happens when you blend Frozen’s Elsa with Medusa?  The answer is Azealia Banks’s “Ice Princess” Music Video, and it is as strange as you could expect…

Earlier this morning the eternally controversial Azealia Banks released a new music video for her cut “Ice Princess,” and it’s interesting to say the least.  “Ice Princess” is a pretty hot track off Banks’s debut album Broke With Expensive Taste, complete with sung and rapped portions over a frosty beat.  Taking inspiration from the title (and a few other places), Azealia Banks decided to create an equally frosty visual to support the single.

In the video, Banks appears in an ice castle, sitting in her throne while a giant snake (I think that he is supposed to be Olaf. Or Sven, you really can’t tell) protects her from danger.  Banks enjoys her frozen kingdom (complete with whiteface, because controversial), ruling over her collection of robotic soldiers until they are threatened by the sworn enemy of the throne.  Heat (insert Banks can’t take the heat jokes here please).  After being assaulted by stray rainbow lava from a nearby volcano, Princess Elsa… er Azealia Banks the Ice Princess rides her monster snake to save the day.  Banks freezes the rainbow volcano with her magic Elsa powers (conveniently borrowed from Disney), but her robot army aren’t they brightest (think of them as minions please), and they turn things around when they release the rainbow lava from its frozen grave.  Clearly, the lava breaks free (like Ariana Grande) and assaults the Ice Princess, ending her reign in a rather cosmic explosion of rainbow lava.  It’s all very epic.  Very Ice Princess.  Very Elsa meets Medusa.

Don’t believe that it’s really that dramatic?  Watch Disney meet Greek Mythology in Azealia Banks’s “Ice Princess” visual under the cut!

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becky g soars sky high in clouds cred: oceanup.com

becky g soars sky high in clouds
cred: oceanup.com

She can’t stop dancing, and now she’s moving closer to the clouds now…

There is a new budding princess of pop in the building and her name is Becky G.  Last year she climbed the Billboard charts not once, but twice.  First she had us inescapably singing along with her summer hit “Shower” (not gonna lie I sang it in the shower, and you know that you did too), then she won us over with her second island infused hit “Can’t Stop Dancing.”  Now, Becky G has teamed up with KSHMV and Dillon Francis for “Clouds,” something a little more urban and a little more ready made to be bumped at the clubs.

Where her previous efforts were sugary sweet pop confections, “Clouds” is a much harder hitting serving from the young musician.  Impressively, she delivers it with an equal mastery.  The song features a driving beat that seems to echo into infinity as it builds on top of itself.  Sirens blare in the background and as the beat picks up in the chorus, you should prepare to erupt into the stratosphere.  After coming back down, the bass picks up and a whirring production comes in, adding just a little more magic to the mix.  With so much production, Becky G’s vocals could easily be eclipsed, but that is not the case.  She rides the beat with expertise that is far beyond her years of experience in the industry.  I’m beyond impressed…

The “Clouds” music video is pretty much a compilation of scenes from Becky G’s “Can’t Stop Dancing” video, with the addition of some sexy filters and aural sky scenes.  I loved the “Can’t Stop Dancing” visual, but the video seems even stronger when paired with the soaring EDM on “Clouds.”  There is a sense of mystery to the darkness of the video,

Soar closer to the “Clouds” with Becky G in the official music video under the cut!

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ciara kicks off the jackie era with album cover and tour info

ciara kicks off the jackie era with album cover and tour info

She knows you want her Goodies, and she’s about to One, Two Step them up to a stage near you!  That bitch over there with the silicone ass and the Brazilian hair not expected to make an appearance…

Fans across North America get ready to throw a Body Party in celebration, because earlier this morning Ciara announced that she would be embarking upon an 18-date concert this May in support of her upcoming album, Jackie.  Titled the Jackie Tour, this will be her first time on the road in 6 years, and she is undoubtedly ready to serve fans something sick and nasty.  We already knew about the concert because or an auditions ad Ciara posted on a popular website, but this is the first official announcement of dates from the “Goodies” songstress.

Along with the tour news, Ciara also released the album cover for Jackie across social media this morning.  The cover (seen above) reflects upon the natural and more mature sound that Ciara is exploring with the album.  In the image she is seen covering up her goodies with a hand while looking off into the distance.  The photo feels raw and all the more lovely for the honesty.  Between the imagery that we have seen thus far and the sound of “I Bet,” the album’s first single, it is safe to say that we are getting an idea of what direction Ciara is traveling with Jackie.  It’s a good direction for the musician.

Will Ciara be brining the Jackie Tour to a city near you?  Check the dates and ANOTHER promotional picture (IT IS HAWT) out under the jump!

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justin beiber continues rehabbing his image cred: blog.ticketmaster.co.uk

justin beiber continues rehabbing his image
cred: blog.ticketmaster.co.uk

Good Boy Bieber continues to prove that he has evolved, AND he talks new music…

Last night everyone’s favorite good boy gone bad who is trying to return to the good Justin Bieber appeared on a Comedy Central Roast in an attempt to continue rehabbing his image and returning to the light.  During the event he allowed a slew of comedians, athletes, and Martha Stewart (don’t worry, we don’t get it either) to tear him apart, hoping that he would be able to rise from the ashes a better person.  The show was pretty amazing and so were his appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show and topless on Men’s Health, but Justin Bieber revealed something that could make things even better in a recent interview.  He’s working on new music.

What did Justin Bieber have to say about new music?  Read about it under the jump!

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