are you ready to binge on tyler oakley's 2015 auguest? cred:

are you ready to binge on tyler oakley’s 2015 auguest?

“You loved them last year.  You need them this year.  So this month you get twenty of them.  20 collabs, one month.  Every weekday.  Get ready for Auguest!”  Tyler Oakley announces the beginning of Auguest!

It is coming!  Tyler Oakley‘s Auguest is just a few days away!  What is Auguest exactly?  It is a month filled with collaborations with YouTubers that airs on Tyler Oakley’s YouTube channel.  Who will make an appearance this year?  That remains to be seen!  Today Tyler Oakley posted a trailer for this year’s event, which you can watch below!  We also decided to count down the Top 10 appearances from last year’s event to give everyone an idea of what to expect!  Let the fun ensue!

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team internet and this year's hottest musicians storm the 2015 teen choice awards nominations cred:

team internet and this year’s hottest musicians storm the 2015 teen choice awards nominations

Who has received a nomination for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards?  Find out here!

We are only a few weeks away from the 2015 Teen Choice Awards, and the excitement is building as the last wave of nominations were announced for the show yesterday (July 30).  Producers for the show have been releasing a slew of nominations at a time, and yesterday’s set were all related to social influencers, meaning that Team Internet has officially stormed the 2015 Teen Choice Awards!  They will be joined by the year’s hottest musicians, athletes, actors, dancers, magicians (Miranda Sings), and many others to compete for an award at this year’s show!  Who will win?  I guess we’ll just have to find out on August 16, when the show is airing!

The show’s hosts were announced alongside the final wave of nominations, revealing that Gina RodriguezJosh Peck, and Ludacris would leading the fun during the 2015 Teen Choice Awards!  They will be joined onstage by official presenters including Tyler OakleyEllen DegeneresJosh Hutchinson, and the unshakable GODDESS of Pop Miss Britney Spears (thank you Godney for this appearance).  With the addition of both Little Mix and 5 Seconds of Summer as already confirmed performers, the night is truly shaping up to be an exciting one!

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one direction returns with nobody can drag me down cred:

one direction returns with nobody can drag me down

Happy last day of Christmas in July!  Enjoy One Direction’s newest single “Drag Me Down.”

World famous boy band One Direction may have had a BIT of a shaky year thus far.  Between Zayn Malik saying see ya later in the midst of an international tour, the band’s public beef with Malik’s new (and already ex) bestie Naughty Boy, and Louis Tomlinson‘s baby daddy announcement this has definitely been a year of flux for the group.  While many other groups would falter and disband in the face of so much drama, One Direction has soldiered on.  Today the group proved that we may be closer than we originally thought to hearing new music from them with the SURPRISE release of their newest single “Drag Me Down.”

“Drag Me Down” was written by Louis Tomlinson with the assistance of frequent collaborator Julian Bunetta.  The track symbolizes a more mature sound for the “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” crooners.  Over a slightly island inspired production the boys sing about a partner (or group of best friends) who have supported one another through thick and thin.  “With your love nobody can drag me down,” they chant with the utmost of faith on the chorus.  Do I detect some subtle shade to any One Direction nay-sayer?  Quite possibly. Do I love it all the more for that shade?  Absolutely!

good luck trying to drag that down cred:

good luck trying to drag that down

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the chainsmokers made dat ass shake with waterbed cred:

the chainsmokers made dat ass shake with waterbed

“Make your ass shake like a waterbed.”  The Chainsmokers make a simple request on their newest release!  How could you say no?

Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers have made it their goal to share new music with their followers once a month for the last three months.  The fun loving duo kicked things off with the release of “Good Intentions,” following up the next month by pairing up with Indie songstress Rozes to release a slice of dream pop titled “Roses.”  Well that time of the month has come around (not THAT time of the month), and the guys are ready to share their newest release: “Waterbed” featuring LA based duo Waterbed (see what they did there?).  The Chainsmokers described “Waterbed” succinctly, stating that “it’s like a TWERK track and a M83 track had sex on a night out of fireball” and asking “would you be intrigued and want to listen?”  I don’t know about you, but I was definitely into hearing more!

The guys are maintaining the dreamy aesthetic that they explored on “Roses,” but this time around they are taking a more dance friendly approach.  Production is as airy as can be, lush with bright pops and soaring synths over which Waterbed sings about making a night worth remembering.  Do I get the twerk friendly appeal?  Oh yeah!  Do I get the M83 stylings?  Without a doubt.  Now all I need is a bottle of Fireball and the night is mine for the taking…

The final result is a bright and ephemeral track that is entirely irresistible.  Don’t believe me?  Take a listen to The Chainsmoker’s “Waterbed” under the cut and then let me know if you can resist the urge to dance!  Continue reading