seems like miley cyrus is in some hot water with nicki minaj... just how bad is it? find out below! cred:

seems like miley cyrus is in some hot water with nicki minaj… just how bad is it? find out below!

Sorry Miley Cyrus.  It looks like Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift kissed and made up, but now we got some more bad blood.  Shit’s going DOWN at the 2015 VMAs…

Fans of drama and epic shade battles across the globe let out a collective sob when it seemed as though this year’s VMAs would be relatively shade free.  The most anticipated drama was set to occur between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift (and company), all of which stemmed from a slew of tweets exchanged between the duos when MTV decided to snub Minaj’s deserving “Anaconda” music video for the night’s big award.  Things were hit or miss on social media for a while, but the duo made up.  If you thought it was fake, it has officially been revealed that Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift are all good, as the duo opened the VMAs together today.  Although these two have kissed and made up, it seems as though Miley Cyrus may now be on the receiving end of Nicki Minaj’s bad side.

The drama stems from some comments that Miley Cyrus made earlier this week when asked about the online beef between the two songbirds.  Cyrus seemed to take a stance implying that Minaj was acting out of anger instead of responding to the real racial inequalities that existed in the situation.

She was saying that everyone was white and blonde that got nominated, I heard? And then Taylor Swift butted in.  I didn’t follow it. You know what I always say? Not that this is jealousy, but jealousy does the opposite of what you want it to — that’s a yoga mantra. People forget that the choices that they make and how they treat people in life affect you in a really big way. If you do things with an open heart and you come at things with love, you would be heard and I would respect your statement. But I don’t respect your statement because of the anger that came with it.  And it’s not anger like, ‘Guys, I’m frustrated about some things that are a bigger issue.’  You made it about you. Not to sound like a bitch, but that’s like, ‘Eh, I didn’t get my V.M.A.’

Nicki Minaj did not take fondly to these comments.  After collecting the VMA for Best Hip Hop Video, Nicki Minaj dropped some serious shade to the VMA host.  “And now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me to the press. Miley what’s good” Minaj directed cameras to an awkward looking Miley Cyrus.  For what it is worth Miley Cyrus tried to divert the drama, but it didn’t seem to work out.  “Hey we’re all in this industry and we all do interviews and we all know how they manipulate things,” Cyrus awkwardly declared before congratulating the rap queen for her win.

Nicki Minaj did not seem to accept Cyrus’s ‘apology’ of sorts, and things have officially gotten (for lack of a better term) REALLY FUCKING AWKWARD.  Nicki Minaj seemed justifiably upset in regards to the shade as the camera panned away from her.  Things could not have gotten better when Miley was seen in a skit poking fun at Minaj’s boy toy Meek Mill…

It turns out that things may have truly gotten awkward, because rumors are circulating on social media that Miley Cyrus had Nicki Minaj removed from the show.  It’s unclear whether or not this is actually true, but popular site @MusicNews_Shade tweeted out the comment after the show.

Check out the alleged tweet under the cut as well a Days with Destiny opinion about the celebrity feud that could be…

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nick jonas gets all kinds of dirty in his levels music video cred:

nick jonas gets all kinds of dirty in his levels music video

You’re going to need a glass of water while watching Nick Jonas get down and dirty in his new “Levels” visual, but you’re going to love it regardless…

Pop hottie Nick Jonas premiered his new single “Levels” just in time to rock things out with a first televised performance tonight at the MTV VMAs.  The “Jealous” dancer closed out the Pre-Show by dancing around with a group of moon-women, but he heated things up with the release of the “Levels” music video after the show.

For the “Levels” music video Nick Jonas recruited a horde of sexy dancers (minus the moon men costumes) and took them on a journey to an abandoned warehouse.  Warning:  Things are going to get a little steamy, and you are going to get a little jealous.  Modelesque dancers get down and dirty, playing with a variety of construction tools and the sensual Nick Jonas himself.  If you get bored playing on the pile of truck tires I guess you can always give the main act a lap dance right?

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things will undoubtedly heat up tonight at the 2015 vmas! lucky for you we'll be providing you with the scoop! cred:

things will undoubtedly heat up tonight at the 2015 vmas! lucky for you we’ll be providing you with the scoop!

It’s the 2015 VMAs, Bitch!  Days with Destiny is here to keep you updated about what’s going on at the show!

We are just a few moments from the start of the 2015 VMAs, and the show is bound to be a busy (and possibly shady) event for all!  Miley Cyrus is undoubtedly already in the theatre looking for objects (and possibly people) to twerk on and around.  MTV didn’t put a delay on the show for nothing, and something tells us that our 2015 VMAs hostess is going to take advantage of her three second delay this evening.  She’s just being Miley!

Here is what we do know about tonight…  Nicki Minaj is scheduled to open the show, Nick Jonas will be gearing up for his first televised performance of his sexy new single “Levels,” and J. Biebs will also be dusting off his dancing shoes to perform “What Do You Mean.”  Kanye West will most likely be thanking himself while accepting this year’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.  Taylor Swift will be showing off her best “Shake It Off” rejected dance moves…  Basically, we’re gearing up for a real affair!

Since we already know that Miley will be keeping things interesting (to say the least), we have to wonder what else will be going on tonight.  Will Zayn Malik make his solo debut during The Weeknd’s performance?  Might Lady Gaga reclaim the stage tonight for a heavily rumored performance?  Will Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj duke it out on live TV?  If they do will Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, and Ed Sheeran pitch in for a true bloodbath (we can only dream).  Most importantly how will Pop Goddess (and verified QUEEN OF THE FREAKING VMAS) Britney Spears be stealing the show tonight?!  All these questions and more will be answered once our favorite celebs hit the theatre for the 2015 VMAs!

Lucky for you Days with Destiny is going to provide you all with cutting edge updates about what is going on at the 2015 VMAs!  Keep checking back here for breaking news about performances, looks, awards, possible blood feuds, and a healthy dose of twerking…

Hope you’re all ready for the unthinkable!  THE UNTHINKABLE HAS MOST DEFINITELY OCCURRED!

Whelp, that’s a wrap on the 2015 VMAs!  Want to be filled in on the juicy details?  Nicki Minaj ended her battle with Taylor Swift after opening the show with a girl power anthem.  While Nicki may be joining the Swiftie fan club, our favorite “Anaconda” rapper called out Miley Cyrus while accepting her award for Best Hip Hop Video. Things got deliciously shady!

On the topic of Miley Cyrus, our host went above and beyond while accomplishing her hosting duties.  Outfits were obviously a little revealing, but standouts include a Gay Pride Flag, and many other nippily looks.  In the immortal words of Perez Hilton, Miley Cyrus was one step away from a “pussy slip” several times over the course of the event… Things got a little druggy, but you could see the huge effort that went into her hosting responsibilities.  Closing the show with a performance of her own, Miley had her first true nip slip of the event while congratulation of Video of the Year winner…  At least she made it to the end.  Her performance can only be described as a true journey into the mind of Miley Cyrus complete with the queens from Ru Paul’s Drag Race.  It’s trippy but well intentioned folks, and it looks like the Happy Hippie Foundation has a new anthem AND Miley Cyrus has released her new album FO FREE!  Beyonce who?  It’s all about Miley Cyrus tonight folks…

Britney Spears presented the first award of the night, looking simply breath taking, easy, breezy, and beautiful. Not a bad way to kick off the show!  Taylor Swift obviously picked up several big awards of the night, but her big moment came when she awarded Kanye West the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for his visual excellence.  After paying tribute to their first interactions with one another, Yeezy gave a very humbling acceptance speech.  Talk about a powerful moment, though we’re most definitely missing out on an actual performance to seal the deal.

The big question you’re all probably wondering is whether or not Taylor Swift took home the coveted Video of the Year category, and if she really did bring her new bestie up as well.  You’ll have to read on under the cut to find it out…

Get all the details about what happened at the 2015 VMAs under the cut!

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find out how to win a merchandise bundle celebrating the release of troye sivan's wild! cred:

find out how to win a merchandise bundle celebrating the release of troye sivan’s wild!

Want to win a Merchandise Bundle to celebrate the release of Troye Sivan’s Wild EP?  Find out how to be one of five lucky winners on Days with Destiny!

Get ready to get WILD!  On September 4 YouTuber Troye Sivan is set to drop his second official EP Wild, which will follow the release of last year’s critically acclaimed TRXYE.  After making an impressive appearance on Zedd’s True Colors, our “Papercut” crooner is getting ready to introduce us to more original music.  The Aussie musician is promising another strong offering on the six track album, which includes a collaboration with the alluring sibling pair Broods.  Basically, things could not be more exciting for fans of Troye Sivan!

Wild is gearing up to be one of the most promising releases from an up and coming artist this year.  Don’t believe me?  Then check out the latest sample from the album, a snippet from the track “Bite.”

It seems as though Troye is staying true to his dreamy pop roots, but is taking a more mature approach to the themes he is approaching on the album.  Troye Sivan has continued teasing fans, sharing several snippets from the album as well as a music video teaser, and each teaser only builds the excitement around the album!  Tell me that you’re not dying to hear more from Wild in the next few days!  Here at Days with Destiny we are SUPER EXCITED, and we wanted to share our excitement by giving away FIVE different prizes!

Want to be entered into a contest to win one of two different prize packages celebrating the release of Troye Sivan’s Wild EP?  Read on under the jump to find out how you can be one of 5 lucky winners!

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