ariana grande digs back a few hits for her new one... cred:

ariana grande digs back a few hits for her new one…

Ariana Grande’s new single “Focus” has a few problems, mainly that it sounds just like “Problem.”

Pop’s pint-sized and pony-tailed diva Ariana Grande has been begging us to focus on the release of her new single “Focus” for a while now.  The My Everything hitmaker has been teasing snippets on social media harder than Britney Spears teased the “Hold It Against Me” and Lady Gaga Born This Way (so REALLY hard basically).  Hell, she even dyed her hair for the event.  That’s dedication!  Now, “Focus” is out for public consumption, but there’s one little problem.  The track is a bit been there, done that for the diva.

“Focus” is a saccharine sweet serving of commercial dance music that rings a little too true to Ariana Grande’s 2013 smash “Problem” to serve as the lead single to a new era.  With the incessant use of horns and featured male vocals on the frenzied chorus it feels like Grande is trying to cash in on the same formula twice. Sure, “Problem” was good the first time around, but it doesn’t play quite as well on “Focus.”

On the track Ariana Grande (and that crazy man) try to get you to pay attention to them.  Ari’s vocals are at their most sex-kittenish on the track as she sings about something (that diction girl, can we work on it a bit).  The track builds to a big chorus, and an even bigger instrumental dance break, both of which are admittedly fun slices of commercial pop.  In the final moments of the track Ari lets her vocals fly free, but it is just a little too late to save the day…

The signle’s accompanying music video tries to sex things up a bit; however, Ariana Grande isn’t that naturally sexy.  While we’d definitely describe the musician as adorable and attractive, her attempts at being sexy fall a little flat in the visual.  Sure she whips her pastel locks with the utmost of passion and licks her plumped lips with gusto, but we’re not totally buying the act.  It all looks a little too staged to feel real, and the final result is a pastel party that we aren’t sure that we’d want to attend.

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is sorry enough for justin bieber this time? cred:

is sorry enough for justin bieber this time?

It looks like he has a few more things to apologize for, and we’re not quite sure that a lyric video is going to be enough to make up for Justin Bieber’s whoopsies this time…

Oh Justin Bieber, we love you buddy, but you might have just made a bit of a mess dude.  Earlier this week pop music’s bad boy gone good Justin Bieber made a few headlines after walking out in the middle of a radio interview.  One second he was going along with plans to “break the internet” by creating a viral video with a few YouTubers, the next he was running for the bathroom and not looking back.  While that may have seemed like enough bad promo for the Purpose singer, Justin Bieber had his second walk-off of the week tonight.  This time he walked out of a concert, and we think it’s safe to say that he has some explaining to do

you tell em cred:

you tell em

The show in general tool place on October 29 in Norway.  The event was set to be a large scale promotional performance leading up to the release of Purpose, until Justin Bieber decided to call it a night less than a song in citing unsafe stage conditions and an unruly audience.

In video that has leaked from the concert Bieber can be seen trying to dry off a wet spot on his stage, while the front row of spectators get in his way.  The “What Do You Mean” crooner became visually aggravated as the front row refuses to listen to his pleas to chill out, until finally Justin Bieber had enough and walked off the stage.  “Never mind, I’m done.  I’m not doing the show” Bieber huffed before making a dramatic exit…

Ironically enough, today also happens to be the day that Justin Bieber released the lyric video for his new single “Sorry.”  Now is pretty much the perfect time to start apologizing, but we have to wonder if “Sorry” is going to be enough to make up for these less than stellar moves on Bieber’s part?  For what it is worth the Biebs is giving it his best effort, and he posted an explanation on his social media.

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joey graceffa dares to bare in a revealing shoot and interview with gay times magazine cred:

joey graceffa dares to bare in a revealing shoot and interview with gay times magazine

Now get to work bitch!  Joey Graceffa serves something fierce on the cover of Gay Times Magazine…

Well hello there, you are looking mighty fine today good sir!  Joey Graceffa is serving face, body, and then some in the November edition of the Gay Times.  The popular YouTuber revealed the steamy cover shoot and a few accompanying photos from the shoot on his social media accounts yesterday (October 27).  The steamy photoshoot is one of the sexiest that the content creator has partaken in thus far and sees him posing in various states of undress.  Hot damn

In the accompanying interview Joey Graceffa discussed his experiences coming out as gay.  The YouTube sensation gradually came out to his fans earlier in 2015, first with the release of the music video for his single “Don’t Wait” and again in his book In Real Life.  Graceffa revealed that the had struggled with his sexuality for years before finally coming out, but he finally realized the importance of it.  “Why would you be so open about some things and not everything” he pointed out in the interview.  “Especially when your goal is to help people. I also needed to do it for myself, and this was probably the best way that I saw to talk about it. Especially because I have been keeping it hidden for so long and have not been discussing it for the whole eight years I have been on YouTube.”

Check out some Joey Graceffa’s steamy cover as well as some additional photos, quotes, and a behind the scenes video of the shoot below!!

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britney spears and adele get chummy! cred:

britney spears and adele get chummy!

Pop Stars, they’re just like us!  Pop Goddesses Adele and Britney Spears engage in a very public love fest across social media!

Have we just witnessed the beginning of a very #blessed friendship in the realm of pop culture?  It looks like that may be the case!  Yesterday (October 27) the powers that be laid the seeds for a very fruitful relationship between Britney Spears and Adele…  Let us break it down for you!

It all started with an interview… When asked what was coming up for the 25  songstress by i-D Magazine, Adele detailed a pretty decent life-plan.  “I’d like to tour properly.  I’d like to see Britney in Vegas.  Dunno about more kids.”  She may be referencing a pretty obscure street performer, but something tells us that Adele, THE Adele, just said that she wants to see Britney Spears in concert!  That’s pretty damn epic!

Then the Holy Spear-it caught on… As Adele’s explosive expose made its way onto websites across the globe word finally reached Britney Spears in her mighty kingdom of Las Vegas (or Los Angeles, we’re not really sure where she was).  Ever a kind and gentle pop goddess (she rules more with lace than leather), B-Girl decided to hop on social media and thank her fellow pop goddess for the kind words and huge promotion!  In between swiping a finishing touch of eos lip balm on her luscious lips and hitting the stage to interact with gushing fans, Britney typed THIS message…

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