now recruiting for the britney army, must exhibit these signs to join cred:

now recruiting for the britney army, must exhibit these signs to join

What does it take to be a part of the illustrious Britney Army?  

Have you recently found yourself humming along to “Pretty Girls” in the shower?  Have you suddenly been overcome by the urge to learn the choreography to “Slave 4 U,” just in case you ever need it at a party?  Do you find yourself drawn to faded denim?  Have you been overwhelmed by a desire for Starbucks, Fanta, or Cheetos anytime in the last week?  Do you find find yourself waiting for a sign, for someone to hit you (baby) one more time?  If so you may in fact be a member of the Britney Army.

What is the Britney Army, you may ask?  It just so happens that the army is comprised of fans of pop goddess Britney Spears.  The army makes up B-Girl’s most loyal fan base, and if you are showing signs of any of these symptoms you may be a member.  Read on for a more in depth analysis and diagnosis!

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counting down britney spears's ten best dance performances cred:

counting down britney spears’s ten best dance performances

She can dance, she can jive, Britney Spears always serves up something fierce when she takes it to the dance floor…

Britney Spears is considered by many to be the ultimate performer, renowned for her stage shows.  Since her debut on the scene B had been known for her athletic and hugely involved dance routines.  Whether she was serving her traditional high kick or spicing up a performance with a back handspring Brit is no stranger to implementing heavy choreography into every performance.  Check out ten of Britney’s best breaks and dance performances below!

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queen of the screen

britney spears, queen of the screen

Britney Spears has defined herself as one of the top recording artists ever, but she is also a queen of the screen!  From epic costumes to iconic dance moves and star studded appearances Britney Spears has defined the music video game for years.  Join Erica in celebrating Brit’s Top 10 best music videos!

Britney Spears has always made iconic music videos.  You know that’s the truth because I bet you remember at least 5 right off the top of your head.  I’m here to give you my top 10 Britney videos, in no specific order.  The things that make a Britney video great are the outfits and the choreography which she brings no matter what.  Let’s get to the videos!  

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I'm not a girl, not a woman cred:

I’m not a girl, not a woman

Trace the evolution of Girl Culture and see the role that Britney Spears has played in turning it on its head…

In her 2001 single Pop’s Premier Princess Britney Spears made a official declaration; she was no longer a girl, but not yet a woman.  After a whirlwind of years during her rise to fame the twenty year old starlet found herself on the cusp something new.  “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” allowed Spears to reflect upon her childish innocence from a more mature perspective.  Every teen can relate to experiencing a similar moment; however, it is a particularly interesting topic for Britney to tackle due to her ability to seamlessly incorporate both girlish charm and womanly sexuality in her image.  Since prancing onto the scene as a sexed up school girl Britney has been labeled a Lolita by some, a coquettish whore by others, and a sex symbol by everyone else; so she, more than most, should be familiar with straddling that fine line between girl and woman.

somewhere in between cred:

somewhere in between

Britney is one of many musicians who have marketed themselves towards fellow girls.  She is also one of the first to sustain her success (and reach peak popularity) beyond the years of her girlhood.  But what does it mean to be a girl?  Most people define girls as aged somewhere between 11 and 18; an age that music historian Jacqueline Warwick defines as “the period between childhood and womanhood, during which most females undergo the hormonal changes of puberty and prepare to be sexual adults.”  Warwick further breaks things down when she defines “girlness” as “not a liminal phase but a set of behaviors and attributes available to females at any time during their lives.”  Basically, girlhood has become a lifestyle and a culture all of its own.

The concept of girlhood and “girlness” has been extensively utilized in popular music since the 1950s.  Before its emergence, girls were poorly represented in the industry.  They were mainly present on the outskirts as a girlfriend to a male performer or a groupie (a precursor to today’s fan-girls), but rarely would you see one taking center stage.

As girls and young women became more invested in music, they created a space for themselves.  Music still heavily relies upon the role of the “girl,” but our concept of what makes up the character constantly evolves to reflect a modern aesthetic.  Continue reading