Jackie Evancho

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Jackie Evancho channels James Bond and risks it all in the noir-inspired music video accompanying her take on Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall.”

At fifteen years old rising talent Jackie Evancho is already making a lasting impression with her soulful vocals and precocious presence. The Pennsylvania native has progressed leaps and bounds since she made her debut on the 2010 run of America’s Got Talent, and the young performer continues stunning with every release.

Last year Evancho’s performances began to take on an even more refined edge, as she prepares to release a new album of material. In August she released the projects first single, an impassioned rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “All Of The Stars” that effortlessly transitions her into the realm of pop music. As we move into a new year of opportunities, Jackie is kicking things into high gear with a skillful take on Sam Smith‘s James Bond Spectre contribution “Writing’s On The Wall,” and it is predictably exceptional.

Jackie’s voice shines over the track’s restrained production. The performance showcases her performance skills, as she injects every note with a sense of tension and danger. Her vocals float across the top of the ominous instrumentation, and there is a sense of barely contained power growling underneath it all.

The single’s accompanying music video channels the epic 007 dramas, as the glamorously dressed songstress faces off against a villainous stalker (played by her sister, Juliet). After tracking one another through the opulent rooms of a sprawling manor, Jackie Evancho and her nemesis finally cross paths for a gun-slinging standoff with an unclear ending.

With glamorous costuming and a nefarious storyline Jackie Evancho is making a big impression with the dramatic visual. Will good prevail over evil, or is Evancho in for a darker ending? You’ll have to watch the video below to find out!

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who is the anti-rihanna?
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In the immortal words of Rihanna “the wait is over.” After years of waiting, the world has finally been introduced to the ANTi – Rihanna, and this unexpected new entity signifies a new chapter in the Rihanna reign that just won’t let up. 

Yesterday (January 28) the pop gods were smiling upon Rihanna’s Navy, as an employee at TIDAL inadvertently uploaded Rihanna’s eighth studio album to the service before a release date was even announced. Months of promotional projects, buzz singles, and ruthless teasing of the fans all went up in smoke as Rihanna and her team rushed to counteract the leak by sharing the album’s standard edition in some sort of official manner. One free download and TIDAL exclusive later, fans were learning exactly what it means to be anti-Rihanna.

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Troye Sivan

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Troye Sivan stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show for a quick performance of “Youth” in honor of Ellen’s 58th birthday! It was unsurprisingly everything!

Earlier today (January 28) Troye Sivan stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to join in the festivities in honor of Ellen Degeneres‘ birthdayTroye announced the impending performance in a series of tweets last week and has kept fans up to date on how things progressed with the performance. It is safe to say that the musician was more than a little grateful for the opportunity to perform on such a positive platform.

Before he took the stage Ellen revealed her appreciation for the artist, claiming that the performance was a gift to herself as a fan. “Happy birthday to me, because I love him so much” Degeneres gushed before directing the cameras to the main event!

Utilizing the “blue neighbourhood” staging of his recent promotional performances, Troye Sivan transformed the set into a moody masterpiece complete with racing neon lights and a fog machine. The “Happy Little Pill” crooner opted to perform his current single “Youth,” bringing it to life onstage with an exception vocal performance and some impassioned dance moves!

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Zayn Malik

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Zayn Malik is getting ready to give you a glimpse in that mind of his, but is he coming off as exceedingly ungrateful about his time with One Direction in the process? Probably…

We are just a few hours from the release of former One Direction boybander Zayn Malik‘s debut solo single “Pillow Talk,” and the UK crooner is turning up the heat on his promotional schedule. Although Malik cancelled his first televised appearance, set to air on The Graham Norton Show on Friday (January 29), he was able to participate in an interview with Apple Music to discuss both his past and his future…

In the interview Zayn shared some exciting news about the development of his upcoming album, titled Mind of Mine. 46 or so songs were written and recorded in the process of creating the album; however, fans can expect between 17 and 18 to make their way onto the final album. After years of being part of a group, Zayn has decided against including any collaborations on Mind of Mine. 

The album will entirely ride on the successes or failures of Zayn Malik.

While talk of a new album is exciting, Zayn also used the opportunity to share additional insight into his decision to leave One Direction last March. This is where things get a little troubling.

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