Jeremy Passion

Courtesy of Jeremy Passion

San Francisco native Jeremy Passion has a voice that simply must be heard and a heart that overflows with pure emotion.

Heralded as one of the pioneers for the bringing R&B and soul genres to the internet, Passion became one of the first Asian-American musicians to go viral online upon posting content to his personal YouTube page.

A self-taught musician, Passion developed a fan base as he showcased his earnest covers and thoughtful original material on his channel. In 2011 he released his debut LP More Than A Feeling, followed shortly thereafter by his Pixelated EP. As he has continued to develop a following, the Cali crooner has collaborated with fellow YouTube powerhouses such as Tori Kelly to create moving and soulful music.

As we move into 2016 Jeremy Passion is looking forward to releasing his second studio album with the help of his nearly 300K subscribers. Crowd-funding the project on KickStarter, Passion was able to raise more than $20,000 to help fund the project, which is set for a release sometime mid-2016. In an effort to kick things off, the artist has released the project’s lead single “We Can” to give fans a taste of what to expect later this year!

“We Can” is a laid back ode on which Jeremy Passion seduces a lover with the opportunity to travel and explore the world with him. Recognizing that Los Angeles is the “place to be” Passion still welcomes his lover on an international journey over a tightly produced, soulful instrumentation complete with floating synth and finger snaps. Passion’s voice croons earnestly across the production, seducing with the possibility of new adventures and togetherness.
“Prepare for lift off, this is our time” he proclaims on the track’s bridge before flying into the stratosphere on the sheer power of his love.

Listen to Jeremy Passion’s vibey “We Can” below!

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Kerri Watt

Courtesy of Kerri Watt

“Dive into the deep blue water and we let it pull us under as we break into the wild” Kerri Watt returns to the simplicity and uncharted adventures of the wild on her latest single!

Scottish rising singer songwriter Kerri Watt continues her trail of evocative releases as she moves further into 2016. Pulling influence from poetry, Watt weaves intricate tales within her thoughtful lyrics before brining them to life with her powerful voice. Since making her debut, she has become something of a darling for music festivals across Europe, and she’s rapidly making a name for herself as the releases continue to prove her veritable talent.

Last year Watt struck gold with her emotional “Long Way Home,” and the accompanying music video told the harrowing tale of a love triangle. Now, Kerri Watt is kicking things into high gear as she moves forward with her new single “The Wild.”

“The Wild” is a striding midtempo on which the songstress sings of losing herself in the wild passion of love. Watt explained that the song is “about letting go of bad past experiences” and being “lost in the moment and letting yourself be vulnerable again.” Incorporating a slightly more pop leaning production, Watt’s voice soars over an anthemic production. You can picture her floating atop bubbling rivers, as she loses herself within the passion of a new relationship. Gorgeous imagery and an impassioned vocal delivery make the track a must listen, and Kerri Watt continues to set herself apart from her contemporaries as a force of nature.

The accompanying music video was shot on location in Iceland, and it features stunning and picturesque panoramic shots of the wilderness, as Kerri Watt makes a true escape from the trappings of life in modern society. After losing her voice and her freedom during a staged performance, the fresh faced siren hops in her car and drives off into the wild to rediscover herself. Visibly at peace, Kerri Watt writes and takes in the beauty around her. Rejuvenated by her respite she returns to the theater and passionately takes the stage to give voice to the inspiration that she encountered on her adventure. Bold and determined, Kerri Watt becomes a force with as much power as a waterfall, and she resolutely stands true to the passion of her true self. It’s a different type of love story than what you’d expect considering the song’s lyrical content; however, in a very real way Kerri Watt tells a story of learning to love oneself and stay true to your own vision.

Watt spoke candidly about the direction of the video and the stunning Icelandic landscape. “Iceland was unbelievable” she says, adding “the landscapes are like a fairy tale.” In a way she reinforces our thoughts about the video’s theme, explaining that “it’s about a journey, but not specifically a romantic one…”

Listen to Kerri Watt’s latest release and watch the journey unfold with “The Wild” below!

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Haley Reinhart

Courtesy of Haley Reinhart

Haliens rejoice, Haley Reinhart is hitting the road for a tour in support of her impending second studio album Better!

Since finishing up in third place on American Idol’s 10th season in 2011, the fan favorite Reinhart has continued making a name for herself in the industry with her larger than life voice and exuberant personality.

In 2012 Reinhart made her official debut with her first album Listen Up!, which charted in the top 20 of Billboard’s album charts, and it has led to a string of high profile collaborations. Her most recent collab saw her working with YouTube’s PostmodernJukebox for a jazzed up interpretation of Britney Spears’ iconic “Oops!…I Did It Again” in 2015. Infused with her unique timbre Reinhart effectively owned the performance and has proven that she’s ready to release even more music!

This April Haley Reinhart is set to release her second album titled Better via Ole and Red Dot, and she’ll officially be extending her reign through the summer months with a headlining tour across North America!

The tour is set to kick off on June 3 with a set at Petaluma, California’s Mystic Theatre  before continuing across North America. Haley will play her last show later that month on June 26 in New Jersey! With a stop in her hometown of Chicago and many other stops along the way, Haley’s tour promises to bring her vivacious music to fans across the country!

Check out the dates to Haley Reinhart’s tour and ticket info (including a special VIP option) below!

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Tyler Oakley

From his infectious laugh to his rainbow-tinged hair, we’re counting down our 27 FAVORITE things about Tyler Oakley in honor of his 27th birthday!

Happy 27th Birthday to the undeniable Queen of YouTube, Tyler Oakley! Today the YouTube sweetheart is celebrating a big milestone, and he’s also celebrating nearly a decade of YouTube videos!

Tyler celebrated today in style by posting a video (see it below), and we decided to join in the festivities by counting down our 27 favorite things about him! Read our list under today’s video!Continue reading