Tyler Oakley


Tyler Oakley teamed up with Heard Well Records to release a compilation album celebrating love, acceptance, and Pride Month jams…

YouTuber Tyler Oakley has joined the ranks of Lohanthony, JC Caylen, and Amanda Steele, becoming the latest content creator to release a compilation album under the guidance of Connor Franta’s Heard Well record label. The album, titled Pride Jams, is set for a June 24 release and was announced on social media yesterday (June 21). 

The album is set to feature 12 LGBTQ+ artists on a currently unknown setlist; however, Oakley and Heard Well vow that the album will be “as diverse as the LGBTQ+ community itself.” The album description promises songs for dancing and celebrating (it is a Pride Month album after all), though fans can also expect some more somber and honest tracks in the mix to showcase the full spectrum of emotions behind Pride.

In true Tyler Oakley fashion, the album’s cover is colorful and tongue in cheek. Playing on the title, the cover features a jar of jam topped with a rainbow cover. Check out Tyler Oakley’s Pride Jams album cover below!

Tyler Oakley


Oakley went on to explain the importance of Pride Month, a time when we celebrate being “unapologetically yourself.” Proceeds from the album will be donated to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the prevalence of LGBTQ+ suicide attempts and providing support to struggling youths. Tyler has been a staunch supporter of the organization for years, and in years past he and his fans have raised more than $100,000 for the organization.

Physical copies of the album are available for purchase via Heard Well’s website, and fans are currently able to pick up a limited edition copy signed by Tyler Oakley himself!

Oakley and Franta posted a photo together from Los Angeles’ Pride Parade earlier this month. Appearing alongside musical talents Leland and Betty Who, the two YouTubers were a beacon of acceptance and love at the event. It’s nice to see the twosome, who have frequently collaborated in the past, back in action!

Way to spread the love during a massively important month Tyler Oakley!

Tyler Oakley


Will you be picking up a copy of Tyler Oakley’s Pride Jams? If so let us know in the comments below!

Joey Graceffa


Joey Graceffa has launched a shining, shimmering, splendid jewelry line called Crystal Wolf Co, and it is everything!

A week ahead of his appearance at VidCon, Joey Graceffa has taken to YouTube to share yet another special announcement with his fans. He’s a jewelry designer now…

Anyone who follows Joey Graceffa on social media knows that the rainbow haired content creator is absolutely obsessed with crystals. Photos of his ever-growing collection are showcased across his many platforms, adding a sense of mysticism and a certain Bohemian charm to his colorful aesthetic. 

As he delved deeper into the meaning behind individual crystals while traveling the globe, Graceffa realized that there was a way to spread the positive attributes of the stones to his fans. All he had to do was create a jewelry line. With this realization, he got to work and spearheaded Crystal Wolf Co, a line of jewelry and accessories.

Graceffa announced the project in the moments after the line’s official website went live. In a video titled I Have a Surprise, Joey showcased some of the items from the line and shared a few secret benefits to purchasing.

Check out the official announcement video below!

The Crystal Wolf Co line currently boasts a collection of limited edition jewelry pieces and accessories including bejeweled necklaces, druzy earrings, and beaded bracelets as well as crystalline phone cases and stick-on nail decals. Affordable pricing and effective signage explain the benefits of the various stones, and Joey is hoping to see the line grow over time. 

Joey Graceffa


The line can be purchased online; however, it will also be available for sale during VidCon. In an effort to make things even more exciting ahead of the release, Joey revealed that he would be including “Golden Tickets” inside random orders to give his fans special treats for their support.

Crystal Wolf Co. is the latest in a line of exciting announcements from Joey Graceffa. Earlier this year the content creator announced that he would be creating and starring in an original show on YouTube Red titled Escape The Night. The project is set to debut tomorrow (June 22) exclusively to those who have subscribed to the latest YouTube update. 

Joey is also in the midst of developing the second season for his acclaimed Storytellers series. The online web series was created in 2013 and was largely funded via crowd funding before seeing a limited release in movie theaters across North America. Little is known about the second season; however, fans are already looking forward to the next big release! 

As such, Crystal Wolf Co. is just another exciting project that has serious potential to grow in the coming months!

I don’t know about you, but we’re ready to hit the site and get some shopping done! Let us know what pieces you’ll be picking up from Joey Graceffa’s Crystal Wolf Co. jewelry line below!