Tiffany Houghton

Rising pop hitmaker Tiffany Houghton delivers another solid pop anthem with new single “I’m Gonna Love You!”

Pop music has a new muse, and her name is Tiffany Houghton. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter emerged on the scene armed with infectious pop hooks and a determined and driven nature.

This summer Houghton became a fan-favorite on radio with the release of her bubbly “Catch Me If You Can.” The flirty bop saw the songstress challenging a potential lover to win her heart. “Catch me if you can / hold on for your life,” she playfully teased on the bubblegum hit.

Houghton was propelled to the upper reaches of the charts with her joyous release, and the fun continues on her latest pristine pop confection “I’m Gonna Love You.”

If I’m Gonna Love You” is another promising release from Houghton. Finding herself in the earliest phases of a relationship, Tiffany daydreams about the various paths that their romance can take. “If my heart breaks, I’m gonna break you / if it’s just a game, I’m gonna play you / if it’s all the same, I’m gonna take you / no matter it takes / if it’s just a touch, I’m gonna touch you / but baby if it’s love, I’m gonna love you” she boldly proclaims on the euphoric chorus. Her voice resonates with excitement for the new adventure; coupled with the bright production, and it’s clear that Tiffany Houghton has another solid release on her hands!

The accompanying music video sees Houghton delivering a fresh, Mod-inspired look while adventuring across town. She frolics across a beach, before she and her girls head to a local diner to entertain the patrons. Her high-octane antics perfectly match the youthful qualities of the track and introduce viewers to Houghton’s bright aesthetic.

Check out Tiffany Houghton’s “I’m Gonna Love You” visual below!

Tiffany Houghton just delivered another solid pop anthem, and we’re already wanting more! The rising talent has managed to capture the youthful joy of love, and she approaches her relationship with an open heart, unafraid of being hurt. It’s a powerful and joyful release that will undoubtedly be warm up the chillier fall days we’ve been having lately!

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“I’m Gonna Love You” was released on Oct. 13 (iTunes, YouTube).

Tayler Buono


Tayler Buono relishes a spontaneous Los Angeles adventure in her dreamy “Something About You” music video…

There’s just something about rising electro-pop princess Tayler Buono that’s got a hold on us. The “Technically Single” songstress is already responsible for one of the biggest earworms of 2016. She’s continuing to shake things up with new single “Something About You.”

Soaring synths and atmospheric production set the scene for Buono’s sweet vocals. On the track she attempts to describe the fleeting emotions of young love. “Just something about you / holding on your love / never get enough,” she croons.

The song has a personal inspiration for the rising hitmaker. “It’s about summer nights and carefree adventures we’ve had,” she said, referring to a special boy in her life.

The accompanying music video captures the ephemeral nature of love, as Tayler Buono embarks on a late-night adventure across Los Angeles and Malibu of her own. “We just drove around and would pull over at different cool places we found,” she explained before adding, “I feel like the video reflects the nostalgic, free spirited feel of the song and has some pretty cool, artistic visual effects.”

She’s right on the mark with that statement…

Her adventure is captured in a series of dreamy scenes that take her from the beach to a lookout that gives her a glimpse of Los Angeles’ cityscape glowing in the darkness. A series of Tumblr-esque filters distort the footage and provide some added depth. It’s a joyful and free-spirited adventure, perfectly reflecting the wild nature of love.

Check out Tayler Buono’s “Something About You” visual below!

Queen of #RelatableContent! Tayler Buono definitely has another potential hit on her hands with “Something About You,” and the vibrant music video makes it all the more youthful and gorgeous!

What do you think about Buono’s latest effort? Let us know if you’re booking a trip for your own LA adventure in the comments below!

“Something About You” was released on August 5, 2016 (iTunes).