who is the anti-rihanna?

In the immortal words of Rihanna “the wait is over.” After years of waiting, the world has finally been introduced to the ANTi – Rihanna, and this unexpected new entity signifies a new chapter in the Rihanna reign that just won’t let up. 

Yesterday (January 28) the pop gods were smiling upon Rihanna’s Navy, as an employee at TIDAL inadvertently uploaded Rihanna’s eighth studio album to the service before a release date was even announced. Months of promotional projects, buzz singles, and ruthless teasing of the fans all went up in smoke as Rihanna and her team rushed to counteract the leak by sharing the album’s standard edition in some sort of official manner. One free download and TIDAL exclusive later, fans were learning exactly what it means to be anti-Rihanna.

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the chainsmokers serve a lush bouquet of tunes cred:

the chainsmokers serve a lush bouquet of tunes

“Say you’ll never let me go!”  The Chainsmokers create a lush soundscape of music on their glorious Bouquet, and they’re taking it on the road to a city near you!

After five months of hard work The Chainsmokers have something big to celebrate!  The electrifying duo have been teasing fans by dropping a new song every single month for the last five months, and now it has all come together for the release of their new EP Bouquet.  Suffice it to say that it has most definitely been worth the wait!

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direct divide create powerful music with a strong message on own your ocean! cred:

direct divide create powerful music with a strong message on own your ocean!

“Memories of hope placed in hollow dreams / broken promises, empty schemes / take my hand, we’ll find a new life worth working for.”  Direct Divide paint gorgeous pictures on their Own Your Ocean album.

Comprised of 6-string electric violinist and vocalist Razz and the multi-instrumental Kevin Proctor, orchestral rock group Direct Divide has been shaking up the genre of rock music since they first hit the scene.  With their roots in Seattle, the group is renowned for their sound, which effortlessly blends classical music with a more modern rock aesthetic.

After an extensive year of touring North America, Direct Divide are gearing up to release a new EP titled Own Your Ocean in July.  Earlier this year they released the collection’s first single, the powerful “1000 Years.”  The album is custom tailored to reflect the band’s unique sound as well as their uplifting message that connects with anyone who has ever fought for what they believe in.  The collection is a strong introduction to the group for new fans, and it is yet another strong album for fans who have been following Direct Divide since their early beginnings.

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