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Sariah is jumpstarting the year with the playlist to end all playlists! 

Rising pop vixen Sariah is an exciting player on the music scene, and she is already making a mark on things. Last year saw the musician release both her highly anticipated Queen of Hearts album and a cosmetic collection while becoming an established act at New York City’s Sushi Roxx. After a year of major accomplishments the hitmaker is getting ready to go even further in 2016.

In an effort to get a jumpstart on the new year, the “Dirty Fun” musician has compiled an inspirational Spotify playlist containing some of pop music’s biggest releases in recent memory.

The Queen of Hearts performer dives right into the hits; the first song on the list being none other than Justin Bieber‘s tropical house-infused “Sorry,” which is also topping the Billboard Hot 100 charts this week! From there the list delves into a collection of inspirational and danceable cuts guaranteed to inject listeners with a shot or two of energy.

One Direction’s friendship-defining “Drag Me Down”, Calvin Harris’s dreamy house cut “How Deep Is Your Love”, Demi Lovato’s stomping “Confident,” and a collection of other recent hits (many of which made their way onto our own Top 50 Singles of 2015 playlist) are at home alongside hits from Sariah’s own collection and a handful of hot releases from previous years including Beyonce’s raunch-tastic “Partition.” That song will simply never grow old and is undeniably dirty fun…


driver roll up the partition please

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frank love makes a special announcement in her lullaby music video

frank love makes a special announcement in her lullaby music video

“Hold me like water / touch me like rain / tell them to wait a minute / nothing’s more important than this / are my lips the last that you’ll kiss?”

Indie-Pop singer songwriter Franki Love has been on our radar since earlier this year when we were introduced to her moving single “Walking Wounded.”  The track’s powerful message and lush arrangement proved that Love was definitely someone to keep an eye on and left us hungry for more from the musician, who is gearing up to release her album Otias this year.  Now Love is getting ready to release the video for her newest single, and I am proud to announce that Franki Love reached out to Days with Destiny to help her bring you the Lullaby Music Video!

“Lullaby” is a gentle piano led ballad dedicated to a lover.  Franki sings the track in her upper register, and her voice resonates with emotion as she questions the eternal nature of love while losing herself in her lover’s embrace.  The fragile ballad reveals the inner struggle of letting go of control and taking risks for the sake of your heart, revealing that love can take us on heavenly journeys that are exhilarating and new but terrifying and possibly fleeting.  Love’s voice sweetly coos across the compelling track, displaying both her greatest joys and largest fears regarding the matters of her heart.

After taking us on a journey through the streets of New York City in her “Walking Wounded” visual, Franki opted to keep things a little more stripped back this time around.  The Ryan Daniel MnKinney directed Lullaby Music Video is a simple affair, featuring gorgeous shots of Franki performing the track at her piano in a brightly lit studio.  With its lush lighting and clean staging, the visual exudes a sense of purity and peace that perfectly blends with the track’s heartfelt production.  The space feels clean and welcoming, making it the perfect place to get lost in love’s sweet embrace.  As the song comes to a close, Franki Love ends the Lullaby Music Video with a special announcement that adds an even greater sense of purpose to the track.

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