The Chainsmokers and Halsey "Closer" music video


The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and Halsey snuggle up for a steamy trip down memory lane in their “Closer” music video…

This song ain’t ever getting older. As The Chainsmokers celebrate their tenth week atop the Billboard Hot 100 with their Halsey-assisted “Closer,” the pair have finally gotten around to releasing a music video for their nostalgia-ridden “not a love song.”

Find out how The Chainsmokers evolved from a “#Selfie” taking novelty to the chart topping trendsetters they are today!

The visual is a simple affair that plays on the chemistry between Drew Taggart and Halsey. First explored in their VMAs performance earlier this year, the duo sexily smolder on camera together. Playing the role of exes who get back together for a quick fling, they spend much of the video tangling in the sheets and serving looks while revisiting their earlier days as a pair.

Check out the trio’s “Closer” video under the cut!

Although they’ve kept things relatively simple, it’s likely the visual will keep the track at the top of the charts for at least another few weeks… As it stands, Alex Pall and Taggart have already tied the record for the longest run atop the charts this year. A couple more weeks, and they’ll be competing with Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men for the longest running tenure at the number one spot!

2016 has been a landmark year for the duo. After breaking out with “Roses” in 2015, Taggert and Pall have reached new heights with every release. They currently show no sings of slowing down…

Last month they teamed up with the emerald-haired Phoebe Ryan (the beloved co-writer of Glorys “Man on the Moon”) for their latest effort “All We Know.” The release is one of their most pop-oriented to date, and it features another lush production from the pair. Taggart is again delivering harmonies on the track, and he is evidently becoming more comfortable behind the mic.

The pair also revealed that they’d be releasing their second EP, Collage, Nov. 4. The tracklist is comprised of the songs they’ve released since 2015’s Bouquet, and will include the unreleased, XYLO-assisted “Setting Fires.”

The Chainsmokers Collage

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“Closer” was released July 29, 2016 (iTunes).

Tayler Buono


Tayler Buono relishes a spontaneous Los Angeles adventure in her dreamy “Something About You” music video…

There’s just something about rising electro-pop princess Tayler Buono that’s got a hold on us. The “Technically Single” songstress is already responsible for one of the biggest earworms of 2016. She’s continuing to shake things up with new single “Something About You.”

Soaring synths and atmospheric production set the scene for Buono’s sweet vocals. On the track she attempts to describe the fleeting emotions of young love. “Just something about you / holding on your love / never get enough,” she croons.

The song has a personal inspiration for the rising hitmaker. “It’s about summer nights and carefree adventures we’ve had,” she said, referring to a special boy in her life.

The accompanying music video captures the ephemeral nature of love, as Tayler Buono embarks on a late-night adventure across Los Angeles and Malibu of her own. “We just drove around and would pull over at different cool places we found,” she explained before adding, “I feel like the video reflects the nostalgic, free spirited feel of the song and has some pretty cool, artistic visual effects.”

She’s right on the mark with that statement…

Her adventure is captured in a series of dreamy scenes that take her from the beach to a lookout that gives her a glimpse of Los Angeles’ cityscape glowing in the darkness. A series of Tumblr-esque filters distort the footage and provide some added depth. It’s a joyful and free-spirited adventure, perfectly reflecting the wild nature of love.

Check out Tayler Buono’s “Something About You” visual below!

Queen of #RelatableContent! Tayler Buono definitely has another potential hit on her hands with “Something About You,” and the vibrant music video makes it all the more youthful and gorgeous!

What do you think about Buono’s latest effort? Let us know if you’re booking a trip for your own LA adventure in the comments below!

“Something About You” was released on August 5, 2016 (iTunes).

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan throws the house party of the year in his shimmering “Youth” music video…

After last summer’s cinematic Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy, Troye Sivan has established himself as an expert of curating visual works that perfectly reflect upon his musical releases. The 20 year old creator perfectly displayed the joys and trials of young love in his three previous videos, and we were left expecting equally good things for his current single “Youth.”

Boy, did he deliver…

Sivan has described his rousing single as “a song about the joy in naivety and being lost. It’s about dropping everything, running away, making mistakes, and loving too hard, and how that’s okay.” His voice rises triumphantly as he progresses through the coming of age track, and a sense of joy descends to images of “tripping on skies, sippin’ waterfalls.”

In the visual Troye and a group of friends throw an epic (and aesthetically pleasing) house party. The event is a Tumblr-certified explosion of jewel tones and heartfelt festivities. In a white letterman’s jacket Troye loses himself within the joy of the youthful rave. Troye and a romantic interest cuddle up on a bed surrounded by friends and a horde of Care Bears (cue the youthful memories) before taking it out on the dance floor.

The entire visual reverberates with a carefree and youthful sense of fun. Whether Troye is dancing down a hallway surrounded by a rainbow of twinkling lights, the pals are passing around a “Make America Gay Again” hat (Donald Trump must have been having nightmares last night), or everyone agrees to a bout of living room rollerblading, it is evident that the group is living up the best years of their life together.

Watch all the festivities go down in Troye Sivan’s “Youth” Music Video below!

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Rachele Lynae

Courtesy of Rachele Lynae

“That boy is quicksand / happened so fast / make your head spin / up to your neck and sinking / quicksand.” Rachele Lynae and her crew get even with the sleazy lover boy in her playful music video…

Born in California and raised in Alaska Rachele Lynae is proving that you don’t need to be born below the Mason-Dixon line to get down with your country roots. In fact, with her bright vocals, distinctive style, winning charm, and sweetly addictive hooks the rising talent is setting herself up to fill the (cowboy) boots of none other than Shania Twain.

Lynae began developing her musical skills at a young age, crediting her curiosity to the artistic community in her Alaska hometown of Kodiak. Attending college in Nashville, Tennessee only further helped the musician to develop her style and put her where she is today. In 2014 Lynae released a self-titled album, and she followed up in 2015 with the release of her current single “Quicksand.”

Described as “what it would be like if Adele wrote a country song” the track features an immediately memorable chorus and an empowering message from one jilted lover to her ex-lovers next target. This boy is trouble, and Rachele’s warning resonates over the twangy production. Combined with the pop-driven chorus, Lynae’s vocals are particularly enticing and playful making the track all the more memorable.

In the accompanying music video Rachele and a crew of scorned ladies even the score as they coyly seduce their sleazy former lover before going in for the kill. Filmed right outside of Nashville, Rachele meets her date at county fair, but his eyes are immediately drawn to one of her friends. After getting lost in a hall of mirrors, Lynae’s boy toy wanders off to pursue her friend. After getting out of the hall of mirrors, the smarmy man (played by former American Idol contestant Spencer Lloyd) follows his target into a warehouse where the final trap is set… Talk about the ultimate revenge!

Intercut between the girls’ scheming are scenes of Lynae and her band performing the single in the neon-lit warehouse, displaying Rachel’s natural charisma and confidence on a stage. She may play a scorned lover with ease, but this performer is made for the spotlight!

Check out Rachele Lynae’s “Quicksand” music video below!

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