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Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video: Allow Me to Break It Down for You

Our Phucks-Free Diva doesn’t get mad; she gets even.  Rihanna extracts some serious revenge in the Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video…

Last week pop music’s reigning Bad-Gal, Rihanna, FINALLY released her Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video, symbolizing that we may be one step closer to the officially coming of #R8.  After getting a little more personal with The Beatles in “FourFiveSeconds,” Ri Ri is pulling out all the stops for her return to ratchetry…  What better way to celebrate than with kidnapping, ransom, drugs, blood, and a healthy serving of nipples?

In the wildly violent visual Rihanna extracts revenge on “The Bitch” by borrowing kidnapping his wife and getting down and dirty with a blade.  Since there is so much going on in the Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video, I thought that it may be beneficial to break things down a bit…

It all starts off with a gorgeous blond wandering around her penthouse apartment in a sheer bra, before kissing her husband goodbye and heading out for an adventure with her perky pup.

After a less than ideal elevator ride, Rihanna kidnaps “The Bitch’s” wife by knocking her unconscious and stuffing her in a large trunk.

Next stop is the gas station, where Ri Ri announces the crime and assaults a phone booth, BUT she does provide her victim with a snack.  Never say that Rihanna isn’t a generous soul…

After announcing her demands the Good Girl Gone Bad siren heads to her lair, where she let’s her victim hang out for a while.

What do you do when you’re one of Rihanna’s tit-tastic prisoners?  Obviously you join her for some fun filled fuckery across land and sea.

There are parties to attend and deserts to tan in.

The police may make an appearance, but Rihanna is always one step ahead of the game.

After having her fun, Rihanna goes in for the true prize: Revenge.

Basically, you have FourFive Seconds before she knives you and your wife.  Suddenly it seems much more worthwhile to pay up.

In true Bad-Gal Navy Leader style, the Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video ends with Ri Ri naked and covered in blood while reclining in a trunk filled with money.  What harm is a little bit more nipple going to cause at this point?  One thing is clear is that Rihanna definitely got that paper…

Sorry for being late to the party on this post.  Let’s just say that I owed Rihanna some money (them TIDAL Exclusives add up), and we all know that she doesn’t take that shit lightly.  I strongly recommend that you simply pay her to save yourself the trauma of becoming “The Bitch.”  As fun as it may look, swinging upside down in Ri’s warehouse is NOT as pleasant as you would think.

Our “Diamonds” songstress seems to be pulling inspiration for the Bitch Better Have My Money music video from real life, more specifically a time when she was owned some paper from her good-for-nothing accountant in 2009.  In 2012 Rihanna leveled a lawsuit against this bitch before eventually settling outside of court for a cool $10 million.  Basically the expenditure was equally expensive, but a lot less bloody in real life.

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Alexx Mack Makes Being Bad Look So Amazing In Her Bad Music Video

Alexx Mack shows us why it feels so damn good to be bad as all hell in her new Bad Music Video, and she looked absolutely BABIN’ while doing so…

Rising synth-pop princess Alexx Mack had a huge hit on her hands when she released her anthemic “Bad” earlier this summer.  The female empowerment banger came complete with a dance friendly production and a killer chorus that entrances listeners from the first moments.  I kid you not when I say that the song gets stuck in my head for weeks every time I hear it, because it is just that good!

In a previous interview between the two of us for PPcorn Alexx Mack explained to me that it feels so good to be bad because “well, no f***s are given! And that’s the best.”  This girl basically became my hero in one quote!  Things were off to a great start with “Bad,” and then Mack took it to the next level with the release of the Bad Music Video!  Get ready, because things get a little rowdy in the bold visual.

The Bad music video sees Alexx Mack seducing a bespectacled student while dressed as a pin-up inspired naughty school girl in reverse action.  The video starts with Mack marking her very nude and very attractive lover with a territorial kiss, before rewinding and showing viewers exactly how Alexx Mack got the boy.  Obviously a slow motion pillow fight ensues as well as a strip tease in the kitchen.  Glasses of wine break, chests are put out for display, and a good time is had by all…

Talk about having a good time walking on the wild side

Being bad has truly never looked like so much fun!  Alexx Mack’s Bad Music Video is all sorts of playful, and it is the perfect accompaniment for such a promising track.  The visual balances campy fun with a playful, yet seductive edge with relative ease, and Mack’s character throughout the video is played perfectly.  The Bad music video proves that Alexx Mack is truly a fantastic performer, and that she is capable of portraying a truly dynamic character.  She plays the good girl gone bad with ease, and it’s entirely compelling to watch!

Alongside the release of the video, Alexx Mack revealed that her DEBUT EP Like We’re Famous is gearing up for an October 9 release.  Now is the perfect time to get a little more familiar with the “Bad” princess!

What do you think of Alexx Mack and her daring Bad visual?  Let me know!

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Pentatonix Stand Out In Their ‘Can’t Sleep Love’ Visual

“Give me that can’t sleep love / i want that can’t sleep love / the kind I dream about all day / the kind that keeps me up all night / yeah.”  Pentatonix lay it all out on their bright new single… 

A Cappella mavens Pentatnoix are gearing up to release a new self-titled album in October, and they are starting to feed the fever by sharing some of the album with fans.  Earlier this week the group released the album’s lead single “Can’t Sleep Love,” and today they are hitting us with the single’s accompanying music video.

“Can’t Sleep Love” serves a sweetly addictive pop romp complete with a psychedelic edge.  The laid-back midtempo sees the group searching for a relationship that keeps them up at night and in the dreamworld all day long.  True to form, Pentatnoix is delivering an innovative a cappella production.  With only five musicians in the group, it is unbelievable the depth that the group is able to achieve with their staccato beatbox, deep bass, spoken asides, and wailing guitar lines.  They’re surely not asking for much, but they’re giving it all up for us on the track.  How could you not love them?!

In the accompanying music video the talented group perform the single in front of a collection of bold and graphic walls.  Dancers have been painted to match the various patterns on the walls, and they add a sense of motion to the product.  Instead of focusing on a storyline, the group continues to provide a bright and bold visual that perfectly matches the vibe of “Can’t Sleep Love” while remaining true to brand.

So much yes!  “Can’t Sleep Love” is easily one of the most radio friendly releases from Pentatonix to date.  With its funky vibe, incredibly tight production, and bright vibe this is the kind of song that will make a killing in the final days of summer, while still managing to achieve a roll over success as fall kicks in.

While the track’s music video doesn’t offer much of a storyline, it still stays incredibly true to the group’s brand and is a creative concept.  More importantly, it has simply raised excitement for future releases from the group.

What do you think of “Can’t Sleep Love,” and are you ready for Pentatnoix to drop? Let me know!

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Players Best Keep Up, Because Tinashe Brings the FIRE in Her New Music Video

Tinashe pops, locks, drops, leaps, turns, and works in a series of dance battles leading up to one epic standoff in her new “Player” music video…

Rising R&B hitmaker and pop princess Tinashe served up something fierce with the release of “Player,” the first single off her upcoming Joyride album.  With it’s dance friendly pop sensibilities and Chris Brown feature the song is huge for the “2On” singer, and it just got better with the release of its official music video!

In the video game inspired visual Tinashe faces off against a slew of dancers in a series of progressively more complex dance battles.  No dancer is able to best the acrobatic siren, who displays her technical skills on the dance floor across a variety of different styles.  Through it all Tinashe whips her body into a series of incredible shapes, turning, leaping, kicking, and throwing herself into the battles with gusto.  Obviously, no one can keep up; and those players are kicked to the side.

The progression leads to a final show down of sorts against the “boss,” a role played by Tinashe’s collaborator on the song, Chris Brown. For the final round Tinashe and Chris Brown utilize the art of seduction and their sick moves on the floor to fight to the end…

WERK QUEEN!  Tinashe is one of the few pop acts who is consistently capable of serving amazing choreography, and the talented songstress doesn’t disappoint this time around.  There is less of a focus on tightly choreography moves (like those displayed in her equally impressive “All Hands on Deck” visual) in the video; Tinashe instead loses herself in the beat, which adds an organic edge to the impressive feats.  In an age when most pop stars rely upon tricks and editing to stir up emotion, Tinashe is relying upon her raw talent.  This girl knows how to go hard in the paint, and she’s not holding back here!  Kill ’em child!

What do you think of Tinashe’s newest visual?  Slay or Nay?

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Sia and Her Karate Pro Battle Shadow Demons and Survive in her “Alive” Visual, But Does it Live Up to Expectations?

Sia hires a new mini-me for her “Alive” music video, but does it hold a candle to the work of Maddie Ziegler?

Pop superstar (who is incredibly famous despite never showing her face) Sia is gearing up for a new era of music!  The “Chandelier” songstress is releasing a new album titled This Is Acting early next year, and she has shared the music to prove it.  Earlier this week Sia unveiled the project’s second track “Bird Set Free,” but today the focus is on lead single “Alive” and it’s new music video.

After watching Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler don her platinum bob and nude bodysuit for a trio of hugely emotional music videos last era expectations are understandably high for Sia’s visuals.  They tend to exude a sense of intimate, raw emotion that resonates with humanity’s fragile nature.  This time around Sia has replaced Maddie’s frantic antics for the karate stylings of a young brave heart, and the result is decent, but it doesn’t evoke quite the same sense of connection.

Our favorite platinum bob has evolved and is taking inspiration from Cruella de Vil for a new era of music.  New year, new me; and this time our young karate pro is rocking a perfectly divided black and white bob.  Is it a reference to the duality of Sia’s presence on tracks intended for other artists, some type of proof that this really wasn’t intended for her to perform?  Is it a reference to a new “Sia state,” or did Sia just get bored and want to change up the look?  Who knows, but regardless this is pretty much the extent of evolution between eras (beyond a new performer) so it is worth noting.


Set in an abandoned parking garage, “Alive” becomes the theme song for a young girl to battle her shadow demons.  The child is dressed in a traditional karategi with a black belt to showcase her superior training status, and she fluidly moves between various poses.  There is a controlled grace and beauty to the movements as the young girl passionately fights to rise above the burnt out destruction around her.

While Sia’s “Alive” music video lacks some of the raw emotion that made “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” instant classics, the visual still packs a resounding amount of power.  There is less of a broken down struggle for survival (perfectly encapsulated by Maddie Ziegler’s frantic choreography); however, a deep rooted sense of conviction remains.  A sense of triumph also exists within the visual that is unfamiliar after the 1000 Forms of Fear era, but herein lies part of the issue.  Sia still depicts our young protagonist battling invisible demons, but the visual feels more cute than impressive.

It feels almost kitschy in a way that previous attempts haven’t.  You felt for Maddie’s character in the previous videos, so much so that you wanted to reach into the screen to help her.  Now you have simply been relegated to the role of observer.  Sia’s live performances may breathe an additional sense of life into the music, but this video falls a little flat.

What do you think about Sia’s newest effort?  Let us know!

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The Chainsmokers and Halsey Deliver a Steamy Visual for Chart Topping ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and Halsey snuggle up for a steamy trip down memory lane in their “Closer” music video…

This song ain’t ever getting older. As The Chainsmokers celebrate their tenth week atop the Billboard Hot 100 with their Halsey-assisted “Closer,” the pair have finally gotten around to releasing a music video for their nostalgia-ridden “not a love song.”

Find out how The Chainsmokers evolved from a “#Selfie” taking novelty to the chart topping trendsetters they are today!

The visual is a simple affair that plays on the chemistry between Drew Taggart and Halsey. First explored in their VMAs performance earlier this year, the duo sexily smolder on camera together. Playing the role of exes who get back together for a quick fling, they spend much of the video tangling in the sheets and serving looks while revisiting their earlier days as a pair.

Although they’ve kept things relatively simple, it’s likely the visual will keep the track at the top of the charts for at least another few weeks… As it stands, Alex Pall and Taggart have already tied the record for the longest run atop the charts this year. A couple more weeks, and they’ll be competing with Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men for the longest running tenure at the number one spot!

2016 has been a landmark year for the duo. After breaking out with “Roses” in 2015, Taggert and Pall have reached new heights with every release. They currently show no sings of slowing down…

Last month they teamed up with the emerald-haired Phoebe Ryan (the beloved co-writer of Glory‘s “Man on the Moon”) for their latest effort “All We Know.” The release is one of their most pop-oriented to date, and it features another lush production from the pair. Taggart is again delivering harmonies on the track, and he is evidently becoming more comfortable behind the mic.

The pair also revealed that they’d be releasing their second EP, Collage, Nov. 4. The tracklist is comprised of the songs they’ve released since 2015’s Bouquet, and will include the unreleased, XYLO-assisted “Setting Fires.”

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Review: ANTi – Rihanna Makes An Impression With Half The Fun

In the immortal words of Rihanna “the wait is over.” After years of waiting, the world has finally been introduced to the ANTi – Rihanna, and this unexpected new entity signifies a new chapter in the Rihanna reign that just won’t let up. 

Yesterday (January 28) the pop gods were smiling upon Rihanna’s Navy, as an employee at TIDAL inadvertently uploaded Rihanna’s eighth studio album to the service before a release date was even announced. Months of promotional projects, buzz singles, and ruthless teasing of the fans all went up in smoke as Rihanna and her team rushed to counteract the leak by sharing the album’s standard edition in some sort of official manner. One free download and TIDAL exclusive later, fans were learning exactly what it means to be anti-Rihanna.

Read on for a full ANTi review below!

To sum it up quickly, being ANTi means abandoning the danceable anthems and club ready bangers that we have come to lovingly associate with Rihanna. In their place we are presented with a sea of moody and experimental mid-tempos that move the pop siren in a new direction.

The album also bids farewell to last year’s buzz singles in favor of a moodier sound a la The Weeknd or Tinashe. Gone are the folksier (and “fucking iconic”) moments on “FourFiveSeconds” and “American Oxygen,” and the club-ready ratchetry of “Bitch Better Have My Money” is sadly a thing of the past.

ANTi opens with a declaration of independence on the striding “Consideration,” a collaboration with rising R&B songstress SZA.  “I got to do things my own way Darling” Rihanna proudly proclaims with a heavier accent than we have come to associate with the Barbadian musician. The track serves as an introduction of sorts to the album’s concept; this is Rihanna’s attempt to return to her own unique musical vision while promising to keep things exceptional. “Let me cover your shit in glitter / I can make it gold” she brazenly brags before attempting just that on the remaining tracks.

Unfortunately all that glitters is not always gold…

Rihanna immediately moves into the dithering “James Joint,” on which she entices a lover with her body and a couple grams of illicit substances. The song has been presented as an interlude; however, on a soundtrack with a scant thirteen contributions the track fails to gain much traction in less than a minute and a half.

Kiss It Better” is an instant standout at first listen. Drawing influences from one of her icons Prince, Rihanna creates an intimate atmosphere over guitars and atmospheric production. The single feels the most reminiscent of Rihanna’s previous work and will prayerfully receive the single treatment in the future.

Sandwiched between two album standouts, ANTi‘s official lead single “Work” sees Rihanna returning to the dance hall sound of her earliest releases. Unfortunately the result is a less than inspirational call to arms. Pairing up with frequent collaborator Drake, the single is barely comprehensible as Rihanna mumbles across the beat. As a result, the cut feels like a rough demo and is one of the weakest to rise from ANTi.

Selecting “Work” as the new lead single for ANTi is one of the strangest decisions that Rihanna and co. have made over the exhausting album release schedule. It’s unclear if they were hoping to capitalize off the big name collaboration with Drake after a handful of underperforming buzz tracks, or if they truly beleived that “Work” was amongst the best of material on the album…

Luckily the album’s low point is followed by the darkly pulsing “Desperado.” Arguably one of the darkest tracks to make the final cut, the track allows Rihanna’s deeper register shine over a sparse and distorted production. There is a sense of desperation and danger to the track that undulates with the beat as Rihanna decides whether to flee with a lover on the run. It’s nice to hear a track that manages to be ANTi – Rihanna yet still pays tribute to the dramatic sounds we have come to love and expect from her.

Heavy distortions set the scene for “Woo,” Rihanna first collaboration with assumed boy-toy Travis Scott and The Weeknd. Playing the part of a indecisive lover Rihanna oscillates between fury and lust for a lover. In a moment of power Rihanna sends the boy-toy packing, declaring “I don’t even care about you.” With its almost sinful content The Weeknd’s influence is evident, but the track fails to make a serious impression.

Wobbling synth introduce Rihanna’s empowerment anthem “Needed Me.” The track is one of the most confident on the album, and sees the songstress reminding a lover that he needed her by his side. Strong production and a memorable chorus elevate the track and helps it stand out amidst it’s surrounding tracks.

Rihanna is on the prowl on “Yeah I Said It,” displaying her sexual prowess over a delectably raunchy beat. The “Cockiness” siren is clearly the ringleader in this sexual circus while declaring that she and her prey don’t need a title to get down and dirty. The track feels like a continuation of Rihanna’s sensual “Skin” with it’s layered moans and sinful production.

Same Ol’ Mistakes” borrows from Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” for a smooth slice of icy R&B. A series of voice overs on the chorus display Rihanna’s hesitation as she falls into a relationship, but the cover fails to ignite any true passion.

The Dido-assisted “Never Ending” is a fragile moment for the Barbadian beauty. The track seems to discuss both her relationship with herself and with a lover, as she laments on losing a part of herself to the past. The simple production and stripped back vocal performance make for a beautiful and conflicting listen.

Love On The Brain” takes things back in time for a compelling throwback hit; you can practically hear the scratch of the record player underneath Rihanna’s sweet upper register. Signing about the dangers of an abusive relationship, Rihanna overlooks the pain for the sake of the good moments. Such dark content seems out of place against the traditional production; however, that contrast sets the scene for a powerful moment.

Rihanna closes out the album’s standard edition with two true ballads, “Higher” and “Close To You.”

The first plays as a shattered and drunken plea to an ex-lover while showcasing some of Rihanna’s most emotive vocals. Her voice cracks and purrs it’s way though the desperate and fucked up plea. While a little tough on the ears at points (homegirl really howls here), it only adds to the character of the piece. Clocking in at just over two minutes though, it leaves fans wanting more closure. Its as though Rihanna got a dial tone midway through her drunken dial, but we would benefit from taking things one step further.

The latter, “Close To You,” presents Rihanna’s vocals over a simple piano. The tinkling keys provide a delicate background for the heartbreak of a failing relationship. The track is fraught with heartache and pain, and it will undoubtedly find a home alongside Rihanna’s classic ballads such as Unapologetic‘s “Stay.”

A deluxe edition provides fans with three additional tracks. The first, “Goodnight Gotham,” inexplicably features no vocals from Rihanna. Instead it is comprised of clips of Florence and The Machine’s “Only If For a Night.” Apparently ANTi – album tracks don’t always require vocals from the main artist? Soo forward thinking…

Hit-Boy-assisted “Pose” delivers the brazenly confident Rihanna we know and love from tracks like “Bitch Better Have My Money.” The brag heavy track comes a few tracks too late to truly make an impact on the sea of monotonous mid-tempos on the standard edition regardless of how enjoyable it is.

The final bonus track “Sex With Me” is yet another bright and brag-heavy anthem. This time Rihanna proudly declares that sex with her is, like so totally amazing. Though less encapsulating than “Pose,” it’s still confusing why the track failed to make the standard edition.

Overall, ANTi delivers a relatively cohesive collection of music, that falls somewhat short of expectations for a release from the “Diamonds” hitmaker. In an effort to present a more “mature” musicality to her fans Rihanna has stripped back all of the fun and power of a characteristic release.

Technically strong, ANTi leaves you wanting more, because it is quite simply not a Rihanna release without the fun. ANTi – Rihanna may deliver the sex and the weed, but she falls flat on any attempt to deliver the equally alluring raunch-fest of old.

ANTi may be a new era in the Rihanna reign, but we’re hoping that the album merely represents one short chapter instead of becoming the norm.