meghan trainer calls it quits on her mtrain tour cred:

meghan trainer calls it quits on her mtrain tour

Looks like she is going to be all about that white board no talking for the next few months.  Poor Meghan Trainor has had to cancel the remaining dates of her US MTrain Tour after suffering vocal trauma…

Blue Eyed Soul Pop Princess Meghan Trainor has just shared the sad news that she will be canceling the remaining dates of her MTrain Tour following a hemorrhage in her vocal cord.  In July Trainor postponed several stops on the show, citing vocal cord issues; however, today she has revealed that things are too bleak to proceed forward with the remaining dates.  In fact, Meghan Trainor will be joining fellow crooners such as Sam Smith on the growing list of musician’s who have had to have corrective surgery in the last year to rectify these problems.

Trainor revealed the news with a post on her social media accounts, stating that although she had been careful and “taking precautions” that a bout of bronchitis had pushed things over the edge.  She expressed her heartbreak at the cancelled event, stating that she was “devastated, scared, and so sorry” to leave things as they were.  Ever the optimist, the Title siren vowed to come back “stronger than ever.”  Until then we’ll just have to listen to recordings of the “All About That Bass” beauty…

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