Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is beginning her pop music return with the announcement of new single “Perfect Illusion.” Hope you’re ready to put your paws up, Little Monsters…

It’s official! After months of speculation, Lady Gaga has announced her return to the pop scene. The “Do What U Want” songstress has been exploring other creative avenues since the release of her fourth studio album ARTPOP in 2013. That’s all changing come September, as that’s when she’s planning on releasing the lead single for her upcoming album.

The song’s titled “Perfect Illusion,” and we’re effectively shook.

Lady Gaga

The “Edge of Glory” songstress made the announcement on her social media accounts, taking over her Instagram with a colorful banner. Little is known about the single other than the tentative release date; however, rumors are rapidly abounding about both “Perfect Illusion” and the accompanying album.

The impending album has seen Gaga team up with a slew of writers and producers to craft a massive return. It’s been said that Gaga returned to the studio with RedOne, who worked closely alongside her on many of her top releases.

Gaga’s also teamed up with Mark Ronson, who claims that their collaboration has birthed some of his all time favorite music ever. “It’s incredible – I love it” he stated in an interview with Beats 1 earlier this month.

Thanks to some super-sleuth work from PopCrush, it is looking like one of those tracks may in fact be “Perfect Illusion.” In May of this year Ronson shared a photo in the studio with Lady Gaga, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, and Bloodpop. The photo was simply captioned “Illusion,” so it’s safe to assume that these may be the masterminds behind the project. Considering Bloodpop’s involvement with Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Ronson’s foray atop the charts with “Uptown Funk” last year it’s safe to say that big things are coming!

Although it’s currently undetermined, rumors have been swirling that Lady Gaga may make an appearance at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. Although it seems unlikely that she’d premiere the single ahead of an official release, the songstress may be generous enough to share more details at the event!

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Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is set to make his fantasy debut with dystopian young adult novel Children of Eden

YouTuber Joey Graceffa is gearing up to release his second book, and this one is even more magical than his 2015 autobiography In Real Life. Graceffa made the announcement in style with an official video on his YouTube page!

The announcement was prefaced by a montage of footage that spanned Graceffa’s years of videography. “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved to tell stories, so he showed the world what he dreamed of” the screen read before showcasing some of the more fantastical moments of Joey’s videos. The creative YouTuber battles demons, faces off against his greatest fears, and does a little bit of magic in the scenes, which included footage from his Storytellers saga as well as his “Don’t Wait” music video amongst other projects.

While the montage in and of itself was exciting enough to warrant it’s own film, the announcement is even more thrilling… “And now it’s time for the next story” Joey pronounced before sharing the news about his impending dystopian young adult fantasy novel Children of Eden.

Children of Eden tells the story of a burnt out world and a forbidden child named Rowan. The sixteen year old protagonist was born a twin in a world that forbids families to have more than one child. Hidden by her parents in an effort to save her from death, Rowan lives a sheltered life in the confines of her home. Hungry for a taste of freedom, she escapes for a night out of her home to disastrous results…

Check out Joey Graceffa’s official announcement video below!

Graceffa explained that he began developing Children of Eden while working on the first season of Storytellers in 2013. From there the project has evolved and is now getting an official release date of October 4.

The fantastical content creator expressed hopes of transitioning the novel to the big screen in the future, but we’ll have to wait for more details on that!

2016 is shaping up to be quite the year for Joey Graceffa. The rainbow haired YouTuber recently unveiled his shining, shimmer, splendid Crystal Wolf Co jewelry line. He also debuted his YouTube Red series Escape the Night, and he is currently working on developing the second season of his successful Storytellers saga.

Children of Eden has a release date of October 4 and is already available for preorder. Pick up a copy of Joey Graceffa’s debut novel Garden of Eden HERE!

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Kim Kardashian

Looks like Calvin Harris and Katy Perry will officially be welcoming Kim Kardashian and Kanye West into Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” squad…

Media mogul Kim Kardashian made true on her vow to reveal the truth about the latest chapter in Kanye West’s ongoing feud with celebrity sweetheart Taylor Swift.

After seemingly apologizing for his disastrous (yet iconic) mid-speech interruption at the 2009 VMAs, fans speculated that Taylor Swift and Kanye West had put their long running feud to bed. After exchanging a series of barbs over the years, Taylor Swift seemingly forgave the controversial rapper and befriended he and his wife, Kim Kardashian. In fact, the rapper and “Shake It Off” songstress were seemingly so close that Swift was selected to honor West with the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 VMAs. The world rejoiced as the twosome seemingly became close pals.

Kim Kardashian

Their new relationship was undoubtedly going swimmingly, that is until Kanye West released The Life of Pablo lead single “Famous.” The Rihanna-assisted track alludes to the iconic 2009 VMAs happening before West brazenly proclaims that he made “that bitch” famous. While some would think that the grossly overconfident lyrics were just Kanye being Kanye, others were not impressed.

Taylor Swift was not amused…

Kim Kardashian

Swift was quick to announce herself as a victim of Kanye’s inflated ego and went as far as to circuitously refer to the lyrics while accepting a Grammy for her 1989 album at the Grammy’s this year. It seemed that Taylor Swift had truly become a victim of Kanye West once again, but is that truly the case?

Enter Kim Kardashian…

Kim Kardashian

Although Kanye has remained relatively tight lipped regarding the incident, his wife was irked by Swift’s response. Her anger seems to stem from the fact that Swift was in fact aware of the sexually charged name drop before the track was released.

According to Kim, Kanye spoke with Swift about the lyrics while recording, and she appreciated the tongue in cheek lyricism. Even better, they had the footage on tape.

Last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians delved into the feud, as Kim Kardashian vowed to defend her husband against naysayers between scenes of her serving her svelte figure behind the scenes on Fergie’s “M.I.L.F.$” video shoot. As the devoted wife was defending her husband’s honor on the show, Kardashian took things even further by uploading the damning video evidence to her SnapChat. It’s pretty damning…

In the video, Kanye West read the possible lyrics to Taylor Swift and  confirmed that she was alright with them. Swift approved the lyrics without batting an eye, complimenting West for confirming with her and vowing to defend the decision at the Grammys (l.o.l.). The twosome exchanged some friendly banter before hanging up and going their separate ways. The rest is history…

Shortly after the footage began trending, Taylor Swift had already moved into damage control mode. The “Bad Blood” songstress posted an official statement on social media. In the statement she decried the evidence for being taped without her knowledge; she also took issue with being referred to as “that bitch.” Swift went on to defend her case before asking to be left alone by the Kardashian-West family. “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of, since 2009.”

Members of Swift’s infamous squad of friends were quick to jump to her defense on social media. Chief amongst her defenders was Taylor’s BFF Selena Gomez. The “Good For You” siren attempted to redirect attention towards more worthy topics; however, the damage had already been done. As she and other friends made their pleas, #KimExposedTaylorParty trended worldwide… 

The footage is unfortunately the latest drama to befall Swift in recent weeks. Earlier this month Swift’s ex-lover Calvin Harris very publicly denounced the songstress and vowed to not be swept under the rug like Katy Perry had been by her team. All in all, July has not been Swift’s month this year…

What side are you taking in the Kardashian-West Swift face off? Sound off in the comments below!


Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Troye Sivan, Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Trainor, Pink, Mary J Blige, Tyler Glenn, Halsey, Ty Herndon, Imagine Dragons, Juanes, Adam Lambert, Jason Derulo, Mary Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, MNEK, Alex Newell, Prince Royce, RuPaul, Jussie Smollett, and the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles lend their voices and celebrity power to charity single “Hands” in support Orlando after the deadly Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Countless celebrities have voiced their support in the wake of the shooting at Orlando’s LGBT Pulse Nightclub last month.  Nearly 200 artists signed a petition with Billboard calling for a reform of our gun control laws. Christina Aguilera released a tribute song calling for change, and now songwriter Justin Tranter has recruited a slew of artists to help raise funds for those affected by the most devastating shooting in American history. 49 lives were lost in the shooting, many of them members of the LGBT community.

Justin Tranter, one half of the writing talent behind Bieber’s “Sorry” and Gomez’s “Good For You,” teamed up with Interscope Records, songwriting partner Julia Michaels, and more to craft the single “Hands” in the days immediately after the shooting.

The 36 year old, openly gay musician was crafting his latest hit on the road alongside Selena Gomez before getting news of the shooting. His first response was to offer his support by partnering up with The Center Orlando. Being told “we need as many hands as we can possibly get,” Tranter was quick to fly in and offer his support doing whatever he could.

Upon meeting with GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, Tranter realized that he could do even more with the help of his fellow artists. While he had already offering physical support, he could use his lyrical gifts to help the world heal and continue raising funds to help educate others about love. Hence, “Hands” was born.

Tranter recruited voices for the single and was met with overwhelming support. “We assigned everybody what we thought would be the best part for their voice, and we asked them all to sing an additional part just in case,” he explained. The outpouring of love was so strong that he ended up with more than enough voices to fill the track.

“Hands” opens with a gentle piano line and Britney Spears delivering the chilling opening line “you can hold a gun or hold your heart.” Her sweet voice is soon joined by the remaining artists in a powerful crescendo and outpouring of love. “If a million hands can build a wall / a million hands can break it down” the sing on the post-chorus, calling for love and acceptance for all.

Listen to the beautiful charity release below!

The collaborative effort on “Hands” is truly a moving effort. Tranter has recruited some of the largest names in the industry, and they are all pleading for love and acceptance.

The artists aimed to create something lasting with the release. “We didn’t want to have any trendy electronic elements. We Wanted it to sound classic, timeless, and human,” Tranter explained. “We want this anthem of positivity to be played for years to come.” We see that as a very viable possibility.

Tweet out support for the release with the hashtag #ForThe49.

Pick up a copy of “Hands” on iTunes HERE. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Equality Florida Pulse Victims Fund, the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida, and GLAAD. While the immediate goal is to raise funds to support the community, there are also plans to use funds for educational outreach in the hopes of preventing future tragedies.

Weigh in on “Hands” below!