Mickey Minaj: Todrick Hall Endorses These Slippers

it's mickey minaj bitch

it’s mickey minaj bitch

“yes I do the cooking / yes I do the cleaning / yes I keep the kitchen real good for the eating / bippity bopping bip bobbin bobbin / boo Cindy ain’t gonna be up in here sweeping and mopping / step sister said darling destiny is calling…”  Hey girl!  You rocked Mickey Minaj!

Over her short career, resident Queen of Hip-Hop Nicki Minaj has amassed an impressive collection of music as well as a very particular performance aesthetic.  The Head Barbie rolls in style, effortlessly merging hip-hop’s hottest verses with EDM’s most energizing production all capped off with a helpful dose of color and drama.  A few days ago we realized just how prepared Nicki Minaj was to hop on Broadway (thanks Superfruit), but today we have realized that there is an even better market for Miss Buns Minaj to tackle.  Yup, you guessed it: WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY BITCHES!  Today YouTube’s Todrick Hall released Mickey Minaj, a Disney-fied tribute to our “Feeling Myself” maven, and it is everything you could have expected, costumes and reworked verses included!

Mickey Minaj kicks things off by introducing us to the Disney Princess Club during a special rendition of “Starships.”  From there Tarzan makes an appearance for a too raunchy for the Disney Channel “Anaconda” tribute.  Cinderella gets a special shout out from the club, breaking out for a wild night on the town all while endorsing her slippers.  Who said that girl can’t multi-task?!

Things take a turn towards the wicked as Hall moves into a villainous overture to perform “Pills N Potion” and “Roman’s Revenge;” however, Mickey Minaj makes a return to the Princess Club for a rocking rendition of “Turn Me On,” containing elements of a few other hits from Nicki Minaj’s collection!  Add in some Myx Moscato (because it ain’t Disney without some twerking and inappropriate drinking from our Disney casts), and the night took a turn towards perfection!

Check out Todrick Hall’s Disney-fied Nicki Minaj Tribute, Mickey Minaj under the cut!

Mickey Minaj, Todrick Hall

I can’t even.  I literally CAN NOT EVEN…

This is so much more than I had EVER expected.  Todrick Hall truly paid tribute to both Nicki Minaj and classic Disney culture with Mickey Minaj, and I am officially in LUST with this concept.  While her persona may be slightly more sexualized (just a little bit) than Disney, Nicki Minaj’s colorful personality is basically made for the Disney Channel.  Hearing her hottest singles reinterpreted and given a special Disney spin was so much more than I had originally expected!

Making things even better, I just learned that last month Todrick Hall released a vote-friendly, dance heavy remix of B-Girl’s summer smasha “Pretty Girls,” aptly titled “Pretty Boys-A Public Service Announcement.”  You can absolutely bet that Hall served face, sick choreography, and an AMAZING rendition of My Queen’s banger, all while channelling The Wizard of Oz (because OBVIOUSLY)…

What do you think of Mickey Minaj?  Are you going to spend the night learning all of the new lyrics to Nicki’s hottest hits?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

nicki minaj endorses these slippers, strippers, and this tribute.  what about the barbz? cred: giphy.com

nicki minaj endorses these slippers, strippers, and this tribute. what about the barbz?
cred: giphy.com

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