#MusicMonday Feat. Sia, Lady Gaga, Pentatonix, Allie X and More


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This week’s #MusicMonday is lush with potential hits from the likes of Lady Gaga, Pentatonix, Zella Day, Allie X and more…

This week a slew of new music has been released on the world. Days with Destiny has compiled the greatest pop hits in a handy #MusicMonday post for you. Whether you’re looking for a soulful serving of tropical house, a new pop pop or something more seductive there’s a track for you!

Check out what’s burning up my #MusicMonday playlist this week below!

Little Mix: “Shout Out to My Ex

Little Mix are kicking off this week’s #MusicMonday with their epic breakup anthem “Shout Out to My Ex.” The potentially Zayn-referencing kiss off sees the girls moving on from the shitty lovers in their past with a heaping serving of self-confidence. “Guess I should say thank you / for the “hate you” and the tattoos /Oh baby I’m cool by the way / ain’t sure I loved you anyway,” the declare on the pre-chorus before exploding into a cathartic release on the chorus. It’s a bright pop masterpiece with clever references to one of the most in-demand ex-boybanders on the scene right now, so here’s to hoping that the UK girls have a hit on their hands!

Zella Day: “Man on the Moon

Indie pop songstress Zella Day is kicking off a new era of music with her new single “Man on the Moon.” Although the track is not a cover of Britney Spears’s song of the same name, Day’s “MOTM” is another thrilling serving of dreamy pop. The midtempo track features a laid back production and a slight island influence. Day delivers a gentle, soothing vocal line, making it one of the dreamiest and most restful additions to this week’s #MusicMonday.

Pentatonix: “Hallelujah

A capella supergroup Pentatonix tackle Leonard Cohen’s iconic “Hallelujah” for their holiday album A Pentatonix Christmas. Their arrangement of the track is sparse and hauntingly beautiful. Although Scott Hoying takes the lead in the song’s introduction, each member of the group gets an opportunity to showcase their vocals, most notably the group’s bass Avi Kaplan who delivers his verse with pure emotion. While their arrangement stays true to the iconic track’s roots, it is as always amazing to hear the group provide a new take on a beloved classic. It’s bound to extend beyond this week’s #MusicMonday playlist and rack up plays through the holiday season and beyond!

Allie X: “Alexandra

Synth pop princess Allie X continues sharing tracks up for inclusion on her impending Collxtion II EP, and the latest to emerge is the somber and self-reflective “Alexandra.” Abandoning some of the driving synth and dramatic showmanship explored on previous releases such as “Sanctuary” and “All the Rage,” Allie X instead embraces a more indie-folk vibe on her latest effort. Speaking of the her that she used to be, Allie X searches for the authenticity of her previous self. It harkens to the more melancholic themes explored on her Collxtion I track “Good,” and it is another engaging listen from the rising talent.

Alex Da Kid feat. X Ambassadors: “Not Easy

 Producer Alex Da Kid teams up with X Ambassadors, Elle King and Wiz Khalifa for a fragile tribute to the end of a relationship on their collaborative “Not Easy.” Sam Harris (X Ambassador’s lead vocalist) and Elle King deliver haunting vocals over the striding production. The twosome play the role of lovers at the end of their journey together, and they are struggling to end things without hurting the other. “It’s not easy breaking your heart” they harmonize on the chorus. Wiz Khalifa’s rapped verse adds an edge to the release. It’s an intriguing group of collaborators, and the final result is an enthralling addition to this week’s #MusicMonday playlist.

Martin Garrix feat. Florian Picasso: “Make Up Your Mind

“Animals” and “In the Name of Love” producer Martin Garrix teams up with Euro recording artist Florian Picasso for his latest effort “Make Up Your Mind.” His latest release is a driving serving of electronica that is enhanced by Picasso’s resonating vocals. It’s a straightforward effort that’s more traditional club fare than his Bebe Rexha-assisted “In the Name of Love;” however, it’s an equally addictive listen.

Sia: “Confetti

This week pop’s most in-demand songwriter Sia is repackaging This Is Acting and sharing new music from the recording studio in the process. The album comes complete with four new tracks including her Kendrick Lamar-assisted “The Greatest;” however, a true standout is an ode to a failed relationship on “Confetti.” A striding midtempo that sees the Aussie songstress moving on from a cheating lover for the sake of living an honest life. “I’d rather walk alone than have them throw dirty confetti,” she earnestly croons on the chorus, declaring that she’d rather live an honest life alone than marry with her cheating fiancé. It’s unclear if “Confetti” was originally written for another artist like the majority of This is Acting, but regardless Sia’s vocals are enchanting, and her pain in the face of the infidelity is evident.

Emeli Sande feat. Jay Electronica: “Garden

Emeli Sande slithers into love on her seductive new release “Garden.” Heralded as one of her favorite songs off her impending studio album Long Live the Angels. The atmospheric release sees her partnering up with rapper Jay Electronica and spoken word artist Aine Zion for a brooding tribute to the wild, unrestrained nature of love. Her vocals are alluring as they dance over the production. It’s #MusicMonday’s sexiest release, and it’s a stunning effort from Sande.

Lady Gaga: “Dancin’ In Circles

This week Lady Gaga celebrated the release of her fifth studio album Joanne. Billed as her most personal to date, fans expecting an album of electronically driven dance pop were surprised to hear the NYC dance pop diva exploring something a little more country-inspired. Although the album isn’t the glorious pop return fans expected, that’s not to say that it is absent of potential hits. One of those is the Beck-assisted “Dancin’ in Circles,” on which Gaga delivers a slew of metaphors for loving herself over a glitchy production. Her tongue-in-cheek lyricism Gaga proclaims that it “feels good to be lonely.” It’s a compelling listen and one of the most Lady Gaga-esque tracks on the project!

Janet Devlin: “Outernet Song

Former X-Factor contestant Janet Devlin embarks on a digital detox on her #MusicMonday contribution “Outernet Song.” The stripped back production features Devlin’s vocals and the strumming of her ukulele, and on the track she pronounces the need to take a break from social media. “Some day we should venture to the outernet,” she earnestly sings on the energized chorus, challenging listeners to place less emphasis on public opinion. Strongly advocating for self-love, Devlin makes a strong return to the scene with an earworm of an indie release!

Mike Perry feat. Casso: “Inside the Lines

This week’s serving of Swede pop comes from rising producer Mike Perry, who teamed up with Casso to deliver a lush serving of tropical house on new single “Inside the Lines.” The track features a dreamy production and heaven sent vocals from Casso, as she sings about moving outside of the lines to find peace and happiness in life.

Superfruit: “Bad 4 Us

Closing out this week’s #MusicMonday is Mitch Grassi and Scott Toying (Superfruit) with “Bad 4 Us.” The best friends and YouTubers comprise two fifths of Pentatonix, but this week they’re delivering their first original track as a duo. While they’ve delivered acoustic covers on their channel in the past, “Bad 4 Us” is their first foray into pristinely produced pop. Singing about a new relationship, they make being bad sound so refreshingly good. “Bad for us / but I want it,” the sing about the perils of a new relationship. The uplifting track features their effortless harmonies over a joyful production.

What songs are on your #MusicMonday playlists this week? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!

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