happy music monday!

happy music monday!

I’m back again, this time for my first Musical Monday post! Each Monday I will highlight seven tracks that I am listening to. Some of them may be modern hits and some may be older classics, and the others will be anywhere in between. This week, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite songs to sing along to, and I encourage you to stream the music on Spotify or YouTube or wherever else you can listen to music and let me know what you think about them! Sing along too, because I definitely will be as I unpack (slowly but steadily).Continue reading

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, Days with Destiny!  As you can see, this is my first post, and it is being posted today; however, I wrote it this Sunday and am just getting to post it now because we didn’t have internet in my new apartment.  Intrigued by the concept of a new apartment?  Read on to learn all about my adventures and plans for this blog!


Today, well I guess yesterday if we have to be really specific, marks the start of several new and exciting journeys in the life of Mike Nied, recent graduate of Miami University and official adult (if anyone is asking). Some of these adventures have been in the works since before I unwillingly accepted my diploma and became a big boy way back in May and some of them are more recently developing and still changing every day as I get more settled into my plans. The most exciting development in my life this summer has been my move from Oxford Ohio, my home away from home for the last few years back to my home in good old Northfield Ohio and now I am on to very different Oak Park, a suburb west of Chicago. I’m making this move my last for the year, and as I write this now I am settling down in my bed in my third bedroom in less than three months. This is a LOT TO TAKE IN FOLKS!! I am making the move to Oak Park for a variety of reasons, some of which may seem more logical than others, but most importantly I am moving out here to continue my hunt for a new job in the real world.

photo 5

Love and honor to Miami! Now when can I go back again?

Since March I have been on the prowl, scouring Internet job boards and researching design firms all over America and then hounding them with emails to check the status of job postings that may or may not actually exist in their offices. This has been quite the experience. At first I was unsure of what kind of job I wanted; there are so many opportunities for someone with a degree in interior design, and I love the variety but I found myself looking into the abyss and trying to make decisions with my limited experience. After some consideration, I realized that I loved residential design, and hospitality, and retail, and restaurant design. Clearly, I struggle with limitations. And then, to add insult to injury, and to further prove how bad I am at decision-making, I was unsure of where I wanted to work. Again, I am at the abyss, this time trying to select cities at random from all over the United States that I may have considered living in at some point in my almost 24 years of life. Imagine me at this point in my hunt. I am more than a little confused and more than a little ready for a drink (ten drinks). Thankfully my baby brother decided to step in at this time and pointed out that he would be going to grad school in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, or Chicago. At this point in my hunt and with this knowledge, I reached nirvana. I decided to follow my brother to wherever he went for school and look for a job there. After a few false starts, Matt accepted his spot at Loyola, and it was decided that we would be moving to Chicago.


My new home! Photo Cred: oakpark.com

With the realization that I would be moving to Chicago, I redoubled my job search, all while graduating from college, moving back to my childhood home, and helping my mother with a variety of tasks including a party for my grandma’s 75th birthday and a knock out graduation party for my sister who graduated from high school and started her first year at Kent State University. My family, if you cannot already tell, has gone through a lot of change this summer. As the busy summer went on, I realized that my job hunt was becoming a little more desperate. Instead of simply looking for jobs in the design field I began to expand my search to include some other titles. Blocked by a lack of experience, I began to wonder if I could be a receptionist, or a caterer, or an educator, or if at this point in my life I was even qualified for the simplest tasks. When I began to consider jobs in security, if you know me then you know that I am less qualified for security jobs than a newborn kitten is and if you don’t know me than now you do know this, I realized that I was feeling a little lost. Okay, I felt a lot lost!!! I began to wonder if the design field was even for me. At this point in my summer I did what anyone would do: I bought a pint of ice cream and some gummy bears and took a night to just relax and make myself laugh.


The answer to all my problems! Photo Cred: benandjerrys.com

This point, the emotional ice cream eating and crazed laughter, leads to my second big journey, the creation of this blog! I am the first person to admit that it doesn’t take much to make me break out into a fit of laughter. Simply lying on the floor to play the HA-HA game reduces me to a puddle, and I have been known to snort or howl with laughter at the least appropriate moments. One person who is bound to make me laugh no matter what is Jenna Marbles, a YouTube personality who exploded into fame a few years ago. Keeping this in mind, I turned to the internet to lift my spirits. I started to lift myself up by rewatching three quarters of Jenna’s over two hundred videos again for the umpteenth time, but as time progressed and I ran out of ice cream I began to branch out from videos of Jenna imitating Sarah Palin and teaching young America how to make the incredibly edible moose meat chocolate chip cookie in order to represent the melting pot of America. Yes. She does this, and I laugh EVERY TIME I see it. I began to move beyond Jenna’s channel, and in doing so I realized that there is a whole sector of YouTube made up of similar people who share their own distinctive brand of funny with the world. I laughed so hard that my stomach still hurts. Stumbling across these videos gave me an idea. I may not be able to make a video on YouTube, but why couldn’t I do something similar and share MY point of view with the world. I wanted a chance to talk about what interested me and to make a few other people laugh or enlightened in the same way these YouTubers improved my day.


My Inspiration! Photo Cred: youtube.com

After I finished watching the videos, I figured I could use one more little lift to my spirits, so I moved from YouTube to my second best forum for laughter, MuuMuse, a music blog that produces fantastic music reviews alongside satirical articles about some of my favorite artists. It was then that I realized how I could share my views with the world; VIA A BLOG! Toying with this new idea, I again did what any sane and logical individual would do: I went and talked to my mom. If I’m going to be honest, I didn’t talk to my mom, I sobbed at her. My fantastic mom listened to me and pointed me in the right direction. She soothed my fears that I would not be equipped enough for a position in the design world and encouraged me to get back on the applications (so get ready design firms, cuz I’m back in business). Furthermore (fancy word bonus) my mom did encourage me to consider going forward with this blog idea of mine.  If nothing else, it will offer me a chance to keep my friends and family up to date on what’s going on in my life as I become a grown up. Spurred on by my mom’s encouragement, I asked one more person for an opinion, my best friend and semi-real business partner and co-owner of said semi-real business Low Standards, Hannah Khederian. Hannah is embarking on her own adventures in New Orleans, and she also encouraged me to follow the same path my mom helped me set out. In fact, we discussed both opening blogs in tandem and becoming really-real business partners. Here goes nothing…


Me and my really-real business partner, Hannah!

So as I sit here writing this, my first blog entry ever, I am pondering a few things; some of which are related to the blog while others are unrelated. For example, I am wondering if I should leave my window mounted air conditioning unit running overnight and what this will do to my electricity bill if I don’t turn it off. I’m also wondering if Britney Spears, my undisputed goddess of pop music, will release a new album anytime soon. I’m also wondering how you, the general public and my hopefully adoring fans will receive this blog. My apartment will not be equipped with internet until Thursday, so I will be writing a few entries before I post any of this, and if I am not impressed by then it may not even see the light of day but all of my fingers and most of my toes are crossed that I can work things out.

Assuming things do work out, I would like to post daily on my blog, with each day allowing me to focus on a different passion of mine. Sundays will be dedicated to my adventures in life as I explore Oak Park and continue the job hunt from my new home. Mondays will be dedicated to music, and I will start out the week by posting several songs that I am really feeling for the week. Tuesday will allow me to focus on design as I offer up a design tip in the form of a color palette or staging advice. It will also give me an opportunity to highlight an individual, firm, or new trend in the field that is inspiring me as I explore. Wednesday’s will be a wild card day as I will blog about whatever catches my fancy; maybe I’ll talk about places I want to travel, or fashion, or up and coming artists or musicians, or trends I’m noticing. Or maybe I’ll just take a bunch of pictures and post them. Or maybe you’ll just have to wait and see. Thursdays will be to highlight a book, article, or instructional manual that I am reading or have read. On Friday I’ll talk about what I’m watching, be it on television (expect a lot of HGTV or Friday Bride Day posts if that is the case), or a movie, or a YouTube video that I think would spread a few laughs to start out the weekend. Saturdays are dedicated to cooking and baking, and I will show you how to make something in the kitchen! I may make other posts at any point during the week about things that I think are important to raise awareness about, but this is my rough schedule!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my LENGTHY introduction and explanation of my life at this time! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, or point out any errors, or make any recommendations at this point! Also, please tell your friends all about what I’m up to and share this blog of my adventures with them so that this adventure of mine can grow into something new and unexpected! Also, please check out Hannah’s blog (when it gets updated I’ll let you know… it is still in the works) where I’m sure she will highlight a bunch of equally funny and moving and real and awesome and perfect things!