Self Studio Photoshoot Singapore: A Complete Hitlist for You!

Self Studio Photoshoot Singapore: A Complete Hitlist for You!

Self-photo studios are a trend that originated in Korea when K-pop stars were frequently spotted posing for pictures while holding a camera.

Since there won’t be a photographer on set, you and your significant other or pals can just hang out, it’s a fantastic date and hangout activity for introverts! It may be time to join the trend and visit one of these self studio photoshoot singapore soon if you haven’t got the chance to do so yet.

  1. Photobytes

For $35, two guests can book a session at Photobytes that includes 15 minutes of photo capturing time and an additional 15 minutes of photo selecting time. Additionally, visitors will get three-five on seven-inch pictures printed and delivered right away. Original soft copy files are $25 more expensive.

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  1. Dollop Automat

Before COVID, Dollop Automat was best known for its photo booths, so chances are you’ve seen one at an event. Currently, they have included the Dollop Automat Self Studio as a new offering on their menu. The price for a 15-minute session is S$30 and is good for two guests.

  1. Studio03 Room

The Korean-inspired Studio03 Room may be one of the more expensive alternatives on this list. A two-person package will cost S$65, and each extra person will cost S$10 more. Pets are welcome in the Studio03 Room as well, so you can take careless shots of your furry friends.

  1. Newtro Studios

By giving consumers the choice of colored or black-and-white images, Newtro Studios, as its name suggests, strives to combine both new and retro. Self-portrait studios are growing more and more common in Singapore, but Newtro Studios stands out because it offers pastel-colored colored backdrops that women will adore.

  1. Blankbox

One of the best self-portrait studios to visit for glamorous pictures is Blankbox. You may choose from four different colored backdrops, and they even offer a range of props, so you can unwind and enjoy posing!

The dressing room is available for you to use if you want to don a new attire for your pictures.

On the day of your planned shoot, we hope that these studios will be able to advise you on what to do and what to dress. In the end, it’s crucial to unwind and make your Studio Photography in Singapore an unforgettable experience. We simply hope that when you receive your images, you’ll be happy and overjoyed.