Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video: Allow Me to Break It Down for You

Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video: Allow Me to Break It Down for You

Our Phucks-Free Diva doesn’t get mad; she gets even.  Rihanna extracts some serious revenge in the Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video…

Last week pop music’s reigning Bad-Gal, Rihanna, FINALLY released her Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video, symbolizing that we may be one step closer to the officially coming of #R8.  After getting a little more personal with The Beatles in “FourFiveSeconds,” Ri Ri is pulling out all the stops for her return to ratchetry…  What better way to celebrate than with kidnapping, ransom, drugs, blood, and a healthy serving of nipples?

In the wildly violent visual Rihanna extracts revenge on “The Bitch” by borrowing kidnapping his wife and getting down and dirty with a blade.  Since there is so much going on in the Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video, I thought that it may be beneficial to break things down a bit…

It all starts off with a gorgeous blond wandering around her penthouse apartment in a sheer bra, before kissing her husband goodbye and heading out for an adventure with her perky pup.

After a less than ideal elevator ride, Rihanna kidnaps “The Bitch’s” wife by knocking her unconscious and stuffing her in a large trunk.

Next stop is the gas station, where Ri Ri announces the crime and assaults a phone booth, BUT she does provide her victim with a snack.  Never say that Rihanna isn’t a generous soul…

After announcing her demands the Good Girl Gone Bad siren heads to her lair, where she let’s her victim hang out for a while.

What do you do when you’re one of Rihanna’s tit-tastic prisoners?  Obviously you join her for some fun filled fuckery across land and sea.

There are parties to attend and deserts to tan in.

The police may make an appearance, but Rihanna is always one step ahead of the game.

After having her fun, Rihanna goes in for the true prize: Revenge.

Basically, you have FourFive Seconds before she knives you and your wife.  Suddenly it seems much more worthwhile to pay up.

In true Bad-Gal Navy Leader style, the Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video ends with Ri Ri naked and covered in blood while reclining in a trunk filled with money.  What harm is a little bit more nipple going to cause at this point?  One thing is clear is that Rihanna definitely got that paper…

Sorry for being late to the party on this post.  Let’s just say that I owed Rihanna some money (them TIDAL Exclusives add up), and we all know that she doesn’t take that shit lightly.  I strongly recommend that you simply pay her to save yourself the trauma of becoming “The Bitch.”  As fun as it may look, swinging upside down in Ri’s warehouse is NOT as pleasant as you would think.

Our “Diamonds” songstress seems to be pulling inspiration for the Bitch Better Have My Money music video from real life, more specifically a time when she was owned some paper from her good-for-nothing accountant in 2009.  In 2012 Rihanna leveled a lawsuit against this bitch before eventually settling outside of court for a cool $10 million.  Basically the expenditure was equally expensive, but a lot less bloody in real life.