Alexx Mack Makes Being Bad Look So Amazing In Her Bad Music Video

Alexx Mack Makes Being Bad Look So Amazing In Her Bad Music Video

Alexx Mack shows us why it feels so damn good to be bad as all hell in her new Bad Music Video, and she looked absolutely BABIN’ while doing so…

Rising synth-pop princess Alexx Mack had a huge hit on her hands when she released her anthemic “Bad” earlier this summer.  The female empowerment banger came complete with a dance friendly production and a killer chorus that entrances listeners from the first moments.  I kid you not when I say that the song gets stuck in my head for weeks every time I hear it, because it is just that good!

In a previous interview between the two of us for PPcorn Alexx Mack explained to me that it feels so good to be bad because “well, no f***s are given! And that’s the best.”  This girl basically became my hero in one quote!  Things were off to a great start with “Bad,” and then Mack took it to the next level with the release of the Bad Music Video!  Get ready, because things get a little rowdy in the bold visual.

The Bad music video sees Alexx Mack seducing a bespectacled student while dressed as a pin-up inspired naughty school girl in reverse action.  The video starts with Mack marking her very nude and very attractive lover with a territorial kiss, before rewinding and showing viewers exactly how Alexx Mack got the boy.  Obviously a slow motion pillow fight ensues as well as a strip tease in the kitchen.  Glasses of wine break, chests are put out for display, and a good time is had by all…

Talk about having a good time walking on the wild side

Being bad has truly never looked like so much fun!  Alexx Mack’s Bad Music Video is all sorts of playful, and it is the perfect accompaniment for such a promising track.  The visual balances campy fun with a playful, yet seductive edge with relative ease, and Mack’s character throughout the video is played perfectly.  The Bad music video proves that Alexx Mack is truly a fantastic performer, and that she is capable of portraying a truly dynamic character.  She plays the good girl gone bad with ease, and it’s entirely compelling to watch!

Alongside the release of the video, Alexx Mack revealed that her DEBUT EP Like We’re Famous is gearing up for an October 9 release.  Now is the perfect time to get a little more familiar with the “Bad” princess!

What do you think of Alexx Mack and her daring Bad visual?  Let me know!