Cisco Adler Maintains an Optimistic Outlook on new Single ‘Clouds’

Cisco Adler Maintains an Optimistic Outlook on new Single ‘Clouds’

Cisco Adler looks beyond the darkness towards an optimistic adventure on new single “Clouds.”

Malibu California-based singer, songwriter, and producer Cisco Adler is back with his latest laid back release. One half of indie-hip hop duo Shwayze, Adler debuted on the scene in the late aughts with their relaxed hit “Buzzin’” and follow-up release “Corona and Lime.”

Earlier this year he gave fans a taste of some solo material with new single “Don’t Kill My Buzz,” proving himself capable of delivering a fresh and mellow serving of alt-pop.

Courtesy of Cisco Adler

Now, Adler is back with his latest release “Clouds,” and he’s delivering an inspirational message over another relaxed production.

“Let the sun shine through your clouds / let the blue sky slowly come out / let the wind blow all around” Adler sings over an acoustic arrangement. His vocals are peaceful but earnest, and he delivers the lyrics with a sense of solid determination.

“Clouds” is another refreshing release from Cisco Adler with a powerful message. It’s nice to see hear more from the artist who released a slew of hits while working as one half of Shwayze.

Although he has more solo material in the works, Adler has also stayed busy working behind the scenes on a variety of projects. He’s worked with the likes of Cody Simpson (FREE) and Vic Mensa and is currently working on reimagining Rocky Horror Picture Show. Still, it’s nice to get a taste of his solo work while we wait for his new projects to drop.