Pentatonix Stand Out In Their ‘Can’t Sleep Love’ Visual

Pentatonix Stand Out In Their ‘Can’t Sleep Love’ Visual

“Give me that can’t sleep love / i want that can’t sleep love / the kind I dream about all day / the kind that keeps me up all night / yeah.”  Pentatonix lay it all out on their bright new single… 

A Cappella mavens Pentatnoix are gearing up to release a new self-titled album in October, and they are starting to feed the fever by sharing some of the album with fans.  Earlier this week the group released the album’s lead single “Can’t Sleep Love,” and today they are hitting us with the single’s accompanying music video.

“Can’t Sleep Love” serves a sweetly addictive pop romp complete with a psychedelic edge.  The laid-back midtempo sees the group searching for a relationship that keeps them up at night and in the dreamworld all day long.  True to form, Pentatnoix is delivering an innovative a cappella production.  With only five musicians in the group, it is unbelievable the depth that the group is able to achieve with their staccato beatbox, deep bass, spoken asides, and wailing guitar lines.  They’re surely not asking for much, but they’re giving it all up for us on the track.  How could you not love them?!

In the accompanying music video the talented group perform the single in front of a collection of bold and graphic walls.  Dancers have been painted to match the various patterns on the walls, and they add a sense of motion to the product.  Instead of focusing on a storyline, the group continues to provide a bright and bold visual that perfectly matches the vibe of “Can’t Sleep Love” while remaining true to brand.

So much yes!  “Can’t Sleep Love” is easily one of the most radio friendly releases from Pentatonix to date.  With its funky vibe, incredibly tight production, and bright vibe this is the kind of song that will make a killing in the final days of summer, while still managing to achieve a roll over success as fall kicks in.

While the track’s music video doesn’t offer much of a storyline, it still stays incredibly true to the group’s brand and is a creative concept.  More importantly, it has simply raised excitement for future releases from the group.

What do you think of “Can’t Sleep Love,” and are you ready for Pentatnoix to drop? Let me know!